See that Camella billboard advertising?
Its Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising contract has expired with us and is available for your advertising needs.
Yes, you read it right! It’s readily available now ….as in now, na!
As a most-sought-after billboard property of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, let us explain why simply:
a.  Head-on set-up hardly to be missed
b.  Set very low practically at eye-level
c.  Key intersection from the Legazpi National Airport that welcomes every arriving,
                 local domestic and foreign passenger, and
d.  Right smack at the Airport Access Road that is used by everyday locals to
                 avoid heavy traffic at main J.P. Rizal Street
Legazpi as a place to be every time, all the time, what with its being declared last 2016 as a Highly Urbanized City (HUC) is experiencing an unprecedented growth in every aspect of business, entertainment, retail, conventions on top of Tourism.
Malls are mushrooming. Name it. Start with Ayala Malls. Then Gregorian Mall and Yashano Mall. SM City Legazpi is next. Practically all the national brands in retail, food, etc. are coming in one after the other. Even Starbucks Coffee and JCo have opened shop. What reason (rather excuse) would you have then for not checking this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH billboard at least that is up front and personal every time you are in this area?
Go ask a local what this place promises every day, day and night. Better yet, why not simply call us up and check how you and TBPI/ARTISTSHOP can make this ‘opportunityisnowhere’ easily be an ‘opportunity is now here’ not an ‘opportunity is nowhere’.
More important, never say we didn’t tell you of its availability.

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