As you wait and wait and wait for your checked-in luggage to be unloaded at every carousel of any airport’s terminal ARRIVAL Baggage Claim Area, one tends to notice everything in that airport. Even cracks and crevices including cobwebs don’t escape the bored passengers’ attention.

Imagine if this was your advertising?


With that in mind, Amigo Terrace Hotel booked the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH LightBox unit at the center post of the Baggage Claim Area where the carousel disposes off luggage.


Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines guarantees (even swears) a 15-minute minimum wait for the whole process. Amigo, knowing only too well this seldom happens, single-mindedly booked this spot to welcome every arriving passenger to Iloilo City and to their hotel where the best in rooms and suites, dining and entertainment, meetings and celebrations, and leisure and lifestyle can be experienced.

For at Amigo Terrace Hotel, business is always a pleasure.


So, during the downtime when after arriving at the Iloilo International Airport, why not make this an uptime for your advertising and marketing of your products and services here?

There’s always room for your every OOH need. What with its sprawling terminal,

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP can surely land or take your sales target to flight in this Iloilo International Airport. Let us then be your “amigo” to answer your advertising needs here!

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