Welcome to Legazpi, Dagos!

The moment you arrive every time at the Legazpi National Airport, this is the greeting that is to welcome you. Be you a tourist, a balikbayan, a local, a foreigner, a businessman, a student, young or old, a first-timer or otherwise, the greeting is as warm as it can ever get in Bikol.

Set at the open carpark of this gateway airport to the Bikol, is the welcome billboard of the City of Legazpi. Bannering the local term: Dagos! for welcome, it is the very message here in the recently-launched Tourism and Branding campaign: there’s always more in Legazpi (TIAM).

A welcome promise that is more than a statement that indeed there is always more to be
expected when in the City of Legazpi for it is the place to be every time, all the time.

As a PPP campaign created by the City Agency-On-Record (AOR) TBPI/ARTISTSHOP and as supported by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, there is no better local Stakeholder Partner Sponsor for this Out-Of-Home (OOH) effort than 1st Colonial Grill.

For with 1st Colonial, it is every time the hottest yet coolest greeting one can ever receive as soon as you land in Legazpi according to BONG ASPE – creator of one of the most iconic food brands of late to come out this side of the country.
For, to those in the know, we refer to no less than his SILI ICE CREAM. Indeed, a most-unique way to enjoy the different flavor of life and style in Legazpi. For as soon as you sample his ice cream, you’ll be screaming for more!
Dagos sa Legazpi! Dagos sa 1st Colonial — the home of a Bikol original!

Thank you 1st Colonial on being one of the 1st to support and take advantage of this Project: TIAM as specifically created by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP that aims for a change to promote Legazpi as a city beyond fun and adventure thru introduction of its local products and services – including its unigue food like SILI ICE CREAM, not only to the rest of the country but to the whole world.

So, are you yourself a Local Stakeholder with an altogether unique Bikol product? Dagos to a whole new ‘opportunityisnowhere’ that is an ‘opportunity is now here’ not ‘opportunity is nowhere’ with the various Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising efforts TBPI/ARTISTHOP has in store for you starting from the Legazpi National Airport (just like this 1st Colonial Grill advertising) that extends all the way around the key tourism and business districts of city where there is always more. For with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, there is always more ways for you to advertise here in the City of Legazpi!
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