For another year, Smart Communications, Inc. renews its Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP here at the Daraga Public Market.

With the renewal comes a new advertising image at the OOH façade of its contract property here at the prime Daraga Public Market Building 1:
TNT UNLI TALK to TNT/Smart/Sun and UNLI TEXT to ALL + FB, Twitter, IG,
Games UP to 30 MBPS.
As a promo, it runs until 15 November, 2016. All for Php 20/day.

At 5×42’, this Smart advertising covers the whole façade space of the Public Market Building 1 which is 1st of the series of 4 buildings.
Along the main thoroughfare of J.P. Rizal, it does not only impact the public market patrons but even more the pedestrian and vehicular traffic that pass here day and night.
For according to Smart, the beauty of this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH is that the Public Market OOH property is right smack at Daraga Municipal Central Business District where everything happens everytime.

And as a Tourism destination for this Municipality for naturally blessed as the ‘home’ of Mt. Mayon — the world’s most-perfect active volcano in the world, this Public Market advertising experience is never limited to the traditional public market-goers right from the start as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been selling municipality.

And, as the gateway to the City of Legazpi, advertising here is every time an “opportunity is nowhere” never an “opportunity is nowhere.” Merely 7 kms away from the City capital of the Province of Albay, check out what TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has in store for you. The possibilities are simply “unli.”

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