The Home of Philippine RODEO is now also the home of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.


Announcing the inclusion of the City of Masbate as part of the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Local Area Partnership (LAP) Program.

Referred to as Area 15 by our Advertising DESIGN Agency, Masbate is the latest addition to the ever-growing TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH Program in bridging the gap in advertising and marketing between GMA and key cities with the provinces thereby affording Clients and Sponsors to have a genuine “national” campaign thereby achieving a seamless program throughout the country.


With a local Area Partner in place that is well-versed with Area’s DOs and DON’Ts like the palm of their hands, every OOH undertaking, be it private or government, every contract activation and its upkeep/maintain is real-time and 24/7. For as per experience, OOH advertising and campaign implementation is all about being there when things happen. In a nutshell, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is your local national (or national local) Agency and business partner in effect.


Here, as its initial OOH advertising offering, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP LAP Area 15: MASBATE is making available 7 OOH billboard around the Central Business District and City of Masbate.


Immediately available as in right now, these 6×16’ HORIZONTALLY-set OOH billboards are right where the Masbate action is in terms of religion, socio, economic, civic and cultural activities, government offices, airport, ports, etc.

Hey, if you know nothing much about Masbate, don’t you think you need to sit down with us to fully understand the media mileage and significance of these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH billboards in Masbate? Call for a full presentation today …and discover that in Masbate, mas masaya ang advertising!

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