Lignon Hill, the No. 1 Nature Tourism draw of the City of Legazpi, offers an unobstructed full-circle view of Mt. Mayon, the city and its surrounding areas.

Nowhere in the Philippines can you have this extreme experience of this most breath-taking view of a lifetime you can do again and again. And, keep coming back for more.


With a natural elevation of 511 feet above sea level, even without use of the view telescopes in place, one can simply enjoy the panorama of a view while taking a leisurely stroll around the nature park’s view deck through its paved foot path. And while at it, you can enjoy the diversity of the surroundings so rich in history and so full of drama.


Long in the planning and its implementation since 2012, the Lignon Hill Open Gallery is finally open. So much worth the wait, gallery specifically explains in layman’s term every corresponding view or landmark you will get to see depending on the spot where you are standing along the foot path of its view deck.

Here as shown is the ever-proud and energetic tour guide in no less than the person of the Hon. Mayor NOEL E. ROSAL demonstrates to the City’s foreign and local guests how this Lignon Hill Open Gallery works out — explaining every step of the way why his City is the place to be every time, all the time …for there’s always more in Legazpi!


As we have called before, we call once more for Sponsors and Advertisers to complete this Lignon Hill Open Gallery as a 360(degree symbol) walk around the view deck.

Be it your corporate or brand logos showing alongside each key location discussed in the gallery display panels for every visitor to see and read as they open up their mind to this unique  experience of a lifetime.

Be part of this most educational, fun and interactive way of understanding Mt. Mayon and the City scape of Legazpi with its surroundings …as one disco

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