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Wallscape Advertising at Silver City

Click for full view From left to right, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP WallScape at Silver City runs up to 110.5m long. Obviously once set up, this will be the biggest OOH Advertising effort this side of town. FRONT illuminated, this wall mural advertising will light up the whole mall building of Silver City which is strategically located right across SM SuperCenter Pasig and Tiendesitas. Not only shall this WallScape be big in specs, a non-traditional image (in cut-out or 3d effect) unit be allowed for a far more impactful presentation. So, do you have a non-traditional ad campaign in mind requiring a panoramic presentation and orientation? Surely, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP new property account is what you need. Short-, mid- and long-term contracts allowed. Perfect for the Christmas Season! When do you want a walk thru in our most exciting OOH property: Silver City Mall?

New Lightbox Ad Technology in the Fastest-Growing Gimmick Mall on Pasig

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Silver City is fast becoming the gimmick place in this side of Valle Verde. With Alchemy packed at night until the early mornings, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP advertising property mall is giving Embassy a run for its money as an alternative gimmick place. For the very 1st time, indoor LightBox advertising has been allowed by mall owner and TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is returning the favor by introducing a new ad technology – LED LightBox. Strategically located at hallways from indoor parking area leading to Alchemy and other locators, wall-mounted with head-on vista to escalator landing areas or along lavatory general areas, these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP LED LightBox ad units should be so much worth your adspend.

Lucida at Luisita

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Pylon advertising was activated by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP for LUCIDA, the country’s leading glutathione, at the Plaza Luisita Center entrance. Visible to road/vehicular traffic along MacArthur Highway on the way up north, this back-illuminated panaflex ad signage of 5x5m is as highly visible to Starbucks coffee patrons which is just across the road. Rushed for the All Saint’s and Soul’s Day travel rush + the start of the Christmas season, it aims to further establish LUCIDA leadership as a whitening capsule. Illuminated from 6:00 to 9:00PM, its impact is maximized every night time. With numerous locators of the Plaza from Jollibee, Dencio’s, Pizza Hut, Greenwich, Pancake, Max’s, Chowking, etc, Luisita has long been established as a resting and stopover area for the road-weary land travelers. Other prime ad sites available for you.

Jack and Jill’s Advertising

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Any gimmick goer has frequented for sure Jack & Jill’s at The Fort Strip Mall! A phenomenon, crowds have kept coming back weekend after weekend to enjoy the food, drinks and the place. With an indoor place area so small, the crowd easily spills over every time in the al fresco area where a different fun begins and lasts until the wee hours of the next day — especially during payday weekends. Announcing the availability of side wall of The Fort Strip Mall at the Jill’s open area dining and drinking for advertising. Visible at daytime even from the open parking area and other Fort Bonifacio locator buildings, it is at night time that the LightBox TBPI/ARTISTSHOP shall be installing will this OOH ad mileage will reach its maximum impact. For the longest time, talks where floating around that the No.1 draw in the area – Embassy, will be moving to Bonifacio High Street. Well, they’re coming over to the original gimmick mall of the Fort! Book your ad placement now. For beyond branding or advertising, we are open to on-site promo efforts. Do call us up.

GSM Tigtigan Terakan!

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The opening days of this year’s Tigtigan Terakan Festival of Angeles City was as expected of no less. it was fun, fun fun! With FOUR(4) separate stages from its sponsor, the crowd had a field day going to the next field venue to another. The minimal entrance fee (which was consumable ) was most welcome to the locals and tourists alike and the drinks were overflowing as usual. you must name it – from sampling, promo girls, video showing and blaring music + dazzling light presentations, this year’s Tigtigan Terakan Festival was the very spirit only Angeles City can offer! The highlight of the evening though was reserved for Ginebra San Miguel’s Kamikazee band that practically stole the whole evening. Together with the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Tourism FIESTA Truck’s backlit advertising and cine-cine, GSM was the brightest of them all in this year’s festival. As what GSM enjoyed here in Angeles, your product can experience too the same ad mileage with the use of the Tourism FIESTA Truck in every festival of your choice.

Glass Window Advertising at Silver City

Click for full viewSee those overhead glass windows of Silver City Mall overlooking al fresco dining area and the Frontera Drive? Announcing the availability for advertising as Silver City owners have recently allowed TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, mall Agency on Record, to develop these glass panelings via drop-down tarpaulin image advertising in time for the Christmas season. Best of all, even short-term monthly contracts allowed. Check out therefor these new ad sites totaling to THIRTEEN(13) units. Back-illuminated or not, it’s your call. Sized at 7x3m at an average, your ad images shall impact beyond Silver City Mall patrons for highly visible as well to Tiendesitas and SM SuperCenter Pasig clientele which required every one of them to pass through this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP property mall. For lack of parking, area fronting these glass windows is used as temporary parking adding more value to these new adspaces When do you want us therefore to visit you or accompany you for a walk thru this Silver City Mall?

First and Last

Click for full viewThe entry into the “ber” months signaled the start of the Christmas Season and in the celebration of All Saints and Soul’s Day is usually used by the airport authorities as a benchmark for their readiness and worthiness of their terminal operations. As busy as the Manila airports of T1 and T2 are Cebu, Davao and Iloilo terminals being the key destinations outside Luzon. As an advertiser, now is the best chance to lock out there key airport properties of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP. As the foremost ad media provider for airports, we offer the prime adspaces properties – Aerobridge and Inner Passenger Bridge walkways, let your ads be the 1st to be seen upon landing and while disembarking by your targer passengers and the last to be viewed while boarding the plane prior take off. During the mandated and ONE(1)-hour pre-departure holding period prior flight, these ads of yours will be just as visible when passengers at the waiting lounge. Make the first and last impressions in the airports!

ATO Iloilo Smoking Lounge Advertising

Click for full viewYes, it’s smoking patrons, a lot of other things do happen inside area as we know. Smoking goes well with reading, coffee, soda, working. It also comes best after a good meal or snack. Or, it is the best way to pass time. And in an airport, time is one thing that you want to kill as fast. Announcing the availability for advertising of TWO(2) smoking lounge areas at the new Iloilo Airport of the Air Transportation Office. SIX(6) walls are open for wallpapering of your product ad decals. Now with so much time to spare in an airport, the opportunity to hit your target has never been this great and predictable. Wallpapering effort will even be visible to non-smokers for a mere glass paneling segregating the lounge from the passenger holding sitting area! Is your target market a frequent flyer out of Iloilo? Well, here’s your one rare chance to do a sales and marketing pitch with your target market having not enough choice but notice your ads.

An Ad that Moves with You

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When abroad, ever noticed how those poster ads are strategically set at side walls of each escalator. And that they move with you…. whether you are moving up or down? Well, its now here in the Philippines! As with the MRT of Hong Kong, MRT of Singapore and other 1st world countries, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is introducing to the Philipines the first ever WALK-A-LATOR ADVERTISING. With eARTISTSHOPglobal proprietary product: MOTION DISPLAY advertising system, poster frame images of your ad moves as you go up or down when viewed while taking the escalator. With FOURTEEN(14) sequential images, there’s no better way to drive your advertising message through like no other medium you have ever seen. Ask for a demo today. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Advertising Galore at the Fort Strip

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Here’s an advertising opportunity even RA 9211 cannot do anything about. As a composite part of the Lighters Galore kiosk, tobacco and related advertising will surely be allowed for more of a merchandising or point-of-purchase material than anything else. Lighters Galore, as an established smoking-related specialty store, has recently been cleared by the mall owners of The Fort Strip to install a LightBox PANAFLEX signage atop its kiosk. Strategically situated at one of the access ways of the mall from the open car park and drop off point for chauffer-driven patrons, your ads, once activated shall be visible from day until night with restaurants within the immediate vicinity including Jack’s and Jill’s + its being the only source of tobacco products in the mall, your adspend will be all worth it. Would you want a walk through at The Fort Strip? It’s going to be worth the trip. It’s going to be an advertising galore.