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We have no superiority complex. We have no excessive illusions about our capabilities. We have not set upon ourselves any messianic mission (there are more than enough self-proclaimed messiahs in advertising). We have no intention of revolutionizing the graphic design and advertising industry. We neither have the intention to reform it. Our mission, if you call it that, is simple: To help make our client sell his product better. While vigor, novelty and freshness are considerations in our work, common sense will be the most dominant element. For your creativeness to activations needs, log on to our website and get to know our Advertising DESIGN Agency and have the whole country at your fingertips for the application of your campaign in the FOURTEEN (14) provincial areas TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in in operation. As we go global on our 23rd year by acquiring propriety products/ services through our newest division: eARTISTSHOPglobal, do check out non-trad and active ad system for your OOH needs. For your trust, we thank you.

They’re Coming!

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As we have saying, the roadside adspaces of the Makati JOLLIJEEP is the fastest-selling among the available ad opportunities of the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls units. As early as now, STING Energy Drink of Pepsico has started appearing representing a new wave of advertising campaigns here in the Makati CBD. Again, FIFTY-FOUR (54) adspaces are available as of now but new contracts are being drawn as advertising budgets are made available. it is not too late though for you should you be eyeing these prime Mobile Food Stalls from you non-trad ad efforts here as well. At 70.75×94.95″, you are guaranteed full ad impact and mileage be it the primary patrons of the JOLLIJEEPs or mere passers by as a regular Makati workforce. Do let us know when you want us to visit! we will be glad to walk you through each of the stalls for your best appreciation.

Smile. Your ads can be at NAIA now!

Click for full viewBeen wanting to advertise in the Manila International an Domestic Airport Terminals 1 and 2? Well, here’s something you can smile about! TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the Agency On Record and media partner of Manila International Airport Authority for OOH advertising is developing the MIAA properties outdoor leading to and from its T1 and T2 Terminals. From (A) MONOLITHS in SIX(6) intersection areas (B) POST ROMAN LIGHTBOX at center islands (C) SIDE HORIZONTAL LIGHTBOX (D) LIGHTBOX BILLBOARD (E) TRILATERAL LIGHTBOX (F) MOBILE FOOD STALLS at parking areas to (G) LED/ELECTRONIC SIGNAGE, these are as well lined up for maximum media mileage. For, simply supporting MIAA Campaign: We Go The Extra Smile, through TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, your ads can be at NAIA now.

Silverbucks. Does it Ring a Bell?

Click for full viewWhat’s in a name in 2003 when the Makati City Livelihood Program for foodstalls was implemented as per city Ordinance disallowing delapitated jeepneys used as roving canteens/cafeterias, the Makati workforce of the CBD at Legazpi and Salcedo Villages fondly called these trailers as JOLLIJEEPS — coined after words Jollibee and jeepney. As a new generation Makati workforce has taken over in this premiere CBD and in time with the changing work environment, then Jollijeeps or silverbucks? Regardless, the difference is the same. These ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) Mobile Food Stalls remain as key advertising and distribution, do let us know of your 2008 ad campaign and ad spend plans here in Makati. For whatever name you call these food stalls, they always translate to sales and profit!

Season of Hope!

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This 2007 Christmas, HOPE shines from within. Realizing the value of the business and media mileage these ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls called JOLLIJEEPs, Fortune Tobacco Corporation has asked TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the Agency On Record for this Makati City livelihood program for the Manang and Manong OPERATORS, to find ways to address the Tobacco Law limitations for advertising and promotions. As you go around, decal-wrapping of the interiors of these Mobile Food Stalls starting with the back interior walls with exciting and green-colored imaginary of HOPE Luxury Cigarette has been activated as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s answer to Client’s challenge was yet allowed outside. Eating on-premise, buying or merely passing thru, advertising impact is no less compromised. As Fortune Tobacco has been as open and creative in developing non-traditional advertising here in the Makati JOLLIJEEPs, do let us know how can we make your marketing plans happen in this prime Makati Ayala property CBD.

Nocturnal Advertising Now More than Ever

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With Makati City as the unofficial call center capital of the Philipines, business hours and its work force’s lifestyle has evolved and re-invented itself out of necessity and convenience. While in the only recent past you can only count a few open establishments beyond the work/office hours in its Central Business District, all so suddenly Legazpi and Salcedo Villages are as alive during traditionally-set off office hours. In fact, this side of Mkati has become a place of business 24/7– a city that never sleeps! Thanks or no thanks to a growing number of call centers here! Amidst all the frenzy is our Mobile Food Stalls that has stood as a silent witness to it all — and benefiting from it altogether. While then a max of TEN (10) operating hours was all the JOLLIJEEP OPERATORS could hope for, now it’s a TWENTY-FOUR (24) hour business opportunity. Re-introducing our JOLLIJEEP’s NOCTURNAL ADVERTISING package! Now more than ever, ad decals for night viewing is as timely as ever! Don’t tell us you will sleep over it. Now is the time to book your ads.

Ninoy Find his Home…For Good

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Perhaps the most traveled non-religious statue of recent history is that of Ninoy Aquino’s. Should you recall, in commemoration of his assassination at Manila International Airport tarmac, a statue depicting that fatal moment was frozen in a pose and set at corner Ayala-paseo de Roxas Avenues of the Makati CBD. Rightly so for it was here that the countless rallies and protests were held after his death. This statue however was transferred to Plaza Luisita Center when a new design was commissioned. Now on its 3rd site, Ninoy’s original statue has been moved to newly-refurbished, Ninoy Aquino Boulevard in Tarlac City. It is believed that said statue will be set here for good. As a tourism destination, additional heavy foot and pedestrian traffic has contributed to the influx of daily students, church and mall-goers of the area. At its corner intersection, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the Agency Partner of Tarlac City as its Tourism Council AOR, is setting up its THREE (3)-faced pylon structure to serve as directionals and traffic safety reminder. Ad provision of 10×15′ totaling to THREE(3) pcs.will be available for sponsorship and illuminated 6:0 to 9:00PM daily. Check out the “new” Ninoy Aquino statue and boulevard. For sure you’ll recognize the ad values of this new TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH property and effort.

More Airport Advertising Opportunities

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As the Air Transportation Office moves on with their upgrade and modernization program, new non-traditional advertising opportunities have presented themselves. Had you been going around the country lately, provincial domestic airports have been getting facelifts and its facilities upgraded.Take Tagbilaran Domestic Airport, a baggage or conveyer belt system was recently activated. Not only will this carousel be of most convenient to the arriving airport passengers, a more efficient airport system will be in effect. TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the foremost national airport media provider with TWENTY-THREE(23) contract terminals is making available additional adspaces like LightBox DURATRANS and SKIRT ADS here in the Tagbilaran Domestic Airport. As we gear up for the air travel peak season, now is the best time to look at our airport properties for your ad campaigns this 4q of 2007 and year 2008.

Makati Jollijeep, Active as ever

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The ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls of the Makati CBD have always been a preferred medium for new product or campaign launches. As in the case of Pepsico, the Mobile Food Stalls were tactically used for new product: Gatorade PROPEL. Containing vitamins and minerals, it targets the Makati also as the unofficial call center operators. Day and night, SEVEN (7) days a week, THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE (365) days a year, your ad materials cannot be as hard working as this. Talk to us. As its Agency On Record, you and TBPI/ARTISTSHOP can make things happen with your ad plans and make it ad centavo count!

It’s Simply Amazingly Simple!

Click for full viewActually, as a Client-Advertiser, the choice is yours if you deal separately with your ad agency or design group, then a printer, the media buyer and finally the media provider (that does not necessarily own the property). That’s the least FOUR (4) sets of people you need to go through and coordinate to be able to activate you OOH Advertising efforts around the country. However as a Client-Advertiser, you can just simplify the process (orcut the chase, as they say) by going important aspect of your work. Let TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, a TWENTY-THREE(23)-year Advertising DESIGN Agency, help you out with its Creatives experience, various products/services (including recent eADVERTISING proprietary technology) and national coverage of properties and sites in its FOURTEEN (14) provincial Areas of operation and real-time management/upkeep via its most reliable Local Area Partnership scheme 24/7. Consider the time, money and effort you can save! it can be as amazingly simple. But then again, as a paying Client it’s really your choice. Perhaps however you may consider TBPI/ARTISTSHOP this 2008. we’ll be more than glad to help.