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T1 Adbox Advertising

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See those LightBoxes at each of the left and right sides of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport T1?

As part of the NAIA. We Go The Extra Smile. Campaign of which TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is its AOR for Manila International Airport Authority, these have been opened up for sponsorship with advertising provision in the promotion of the Authority’s Smile Campaign.

Day and night is ad mileage time to the max!

Just go and see for yourself what impact these sites can afford your product or service program for departing OFWs or even to the loved ones who will be left behind.

As learnings have established, an average of TWO (2) hours spent by each OFW and well-wishers in the RIGHT wing where the OFW Center Lounge is and LEFT wing where the WOW Restaurant is set.

Yes it is a mere 40 x 60” LightBox, but your ad campaign can get really that up close and personal again and again 24/7 worth that every centavo of your adspend.

Penafrancia is Now!

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Planning to take part in this year’s staging of the Penafrancia Festival in Naga City?

This month: JUNE is the best time to firm up your budget and line up your media efforts.

Yes, the feast day in honor of Our Lady of Penafrancia is still on 18 September, THURSDAY. However, preparations of your participation should be underway – starting right now.

For technically, the Festival starts as early as 18 August, MONDAY, and this is not really that far away.

Traditionally,  this biggest religious event of the Philippines does not just draw hundreds of thousands of its devotees but as much the merry-makers for the long-list of activities that has been part of the festival already as good as a month away and after the feastday.

For your OOH Advertising, it’s about time you check out our airports, posts, billboards and mall advertising sites.

Do let us know when you want us to visit, or let our Local Area Office walk you through our properties in both Pili and Naga Cities.

Have You Been to the Naga Airport Lately?

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The first and foremost you will notice as soon as you land in Naga (Pili Domestic Airport) is the all-new Domestic Terminal Airport.

For so long relegated as an alternative air terminal of Legazpi City in Bikol, Air Transportation Office has invested in the full development of this airport in Pili, Camarines Sur.

It was understandable then for Naga was only of interest to everyone 1x per year due to the annual staging of Penafrancia Festival of September.

With CamSur WaterSports Center firmly establishing itself as the Wakeboarding capital of the country and soon-to-open SM, all eyes are on Naga City. And in additional to Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific is joining soon in the daily flights between Naga and Manila.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the foremost media provider in the country for having the most airport contracts, is setting up OOH advertising efforts again such as LightBoxes at ARRIVAL, PRE-DEPARTURE AREAS, Trilateral LightBoxes at PARKING AREA, Perimeter BILLBOARDS, TV Module, Roman Streamers, Decal Wrap soon, very soon.

Now’s the time to be booking your ad placements here in the ATO Pili Domestic Airport.

Billboard Advertising at Bohol Airport

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See those outdoor billboards all lined up along the perimeter of Tagbilaran Domestic Airport? We’re adding on to that —  and, new structures can be yours!

Strategically set to face the Arrival and Departure terminal buildings, your tarpaulin ad images will be highly visible to anyone inside the airport of Tagbilaran.

As a gateway to the numerous tourism destinations of Bohol like the Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, centuries-old churches, Tarsier, etc. etc.

Now, wouldn’t you want to welcome and say goodbye to the tourists of Bohol via the ATO Tagbilaran Domestic Airport?

Believe it or not, there are SIX (6) flights coming and out of this tiny terminal every day that serves 80% of the tourist load of Bohol.

Check out our additional structures.

Do let us know when you want our local office to show you around our Tagbilaran Domestic Airport advertising properties and efforts.

T1 Umbrella Advertising

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As part of the service and beautification program of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in partnership with MIAA Airport Development and Corporate Affairs, solar umbrellas were set up in both LEFT and RIGHT wings of the departure areas of this international airport.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the MIAA Agency On Record, for its program: NAIA. We Go The Extra Smile., has been tasked to help in managing this area where thousands of OFW and their relative well-wishers stay a good TWO (2) hours average.

These umbrellas are just the initial phase of this program TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has lined up for the single-mindedness benefit of the public when at T1.

Get to know more of our NAIA. We Go The Extra Smile. Program here at T1. Find out how your support can be translated into advertising media mileage for your products/services to the departing OFW or the relatives that see them off.

Perfect Billboard

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A park on its own has always been the center of activities in a community then, now and surely in the future.

What more if it is in a city set amidst location where a church, universities and colleges, restos / fastfoods,  cinema/entertainment complex and a long roster of varied businesses are.

Perfect for advertising, right? Indeed!

Check out our Out-of-Home advertising property here in Legazpi City.

World-famous for its perfect-coned Mayon Volcano, it has a 2nd and new reason for all the tourism attention – the whale sharks or BUTANDING of Donsol.

Right beside the Rizal Park is our 24 x 40’ billboard horizontally set at side of building that served as background of the park for all to see.

Illuminated at night, this is the time when its media impact really is maximized. Targetting that Legazpi local residents and/or tourists? This billboard is all you need for your OOH Advertising.

Behold Bohol

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Announcing the availability of additional indoor OOH Advertising efforts in the Tagbilaran Domestic Airport!

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, on approval of the Air Transportation Office, is setting up additional ad opportunities in answer to the continued requests for more adspaces within terminal building.

Check out the LightBoxes at both (A) ground floor, (B) 2nd level and (C) arrival baggage claim of the terminal we are working on for activation, and the (D) Decal Window Wrap at the 2nd level glass panelings.

Tagbilaran, as a most-visitedl tourist destination, offers year-round eco-tourism with its world-famous Chocolate Hills, tarsier, Loboc River Floating Resto, centuries-old grand churches, Blood Compact monument, white sand beaches and great diving sites, etc.

While in other tourism destinations the close of the summer season signals the end of tourist arrivals, Bohol is an exception – just like Boracay. People come, people go, year in,  year out here at Tagbilaran and 80% of these tourists use the ATO Tabilaran Domestic Airport as its gateway.

You don’t have to imagine the ad media mileage we can offer to you through our OOH advertising efforts here in Bohol.