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New Legaspi Public Market Has More

Now Great Taste Capas

In response to the several inquiries to secure ad spots in the new Legazpi Public Market, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been allowed additional LightBox ad space.

This is in view of the development that its present inventory of LightBoxes are under long-term contract here at the façade.

See that middle provision marked X? That could very well be your ad space for as long as you want.

Set in the middle of the façade, it sure is as prime as any OOH effort can be.

And being illuminated from 6:00-9:00PM, your PANAFLEX ad milleage can be extended even after sundown.

As important, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP public market property can impact even the non-public market patrons. For set within the ‘new’ city CBD where it is merely 50m from Land Co./Pacific Mall, it is as well used as a jeepney and tricycle stopover/terminal.

So be at the center of it all – literally and figuratively. Call us up on the new (additional) OOH LightBox advertising we are to set up.

Only ONE (1) unit allowed! Shouldn’t this be yours then?

MCIAA is a High Speed Zone

Now Great Taste Capas

The Mactan Cebu International Airport is now a myDSL zone with the activation of the PLDT mgDSL Hi-Velocity Broadband Internet at the Security Tollgate along the Airport access road.

For those in the know, there is but ONE (1) entry and exit in this Cebu airport.

And every arriving or departing passenger or well-wisher vehicle need to pass by this Security Tollgate by design.

Measuring 5 x 25’, PLDT contracted both sides guaranteeing itself from coverage and media exposure at any time everytime.

Head on, vehicles are required to slow down or make a full stop and this downtime is all that PLDT needs to make the myDSL sales pitch via its OOH image that either welcomes or bids the vehicle occupants a safe trip.

Here in this airport of Cebu or in the TWENTY-THREE (23) contract airports of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, you may want to add the option of convenience also in implementing a national airport campaign yet only having to deal with a single Agency.

Airport Service Items Sponsorship

Now Great Taste Capas

The activation of the chairs and tables at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport T1 completed the 1st phase of the joint MIAA – TBPI/ARTISTSHOP project in this airport terminal.

Calling interested well-meaning sponsors!

We are to embark on 2nd phase.

As the Agency On Record for the NAIA. We Go The Extra Smile! program, we have packaged  several efforts with great media mileage for you and your products via sponsorship at the T1 area where the departing OFW and well-wishers stay.

It is common knowledge that a good number of hours are spent waiting for the flight departure with endless goodbyes preoccupying the OFWs and their families. Why not take advantage of the downtime here and enjoy the media mileage your sponsored service items can afford you and your products.

Day and night each passing day, you have the same thing happening with an ever changing crowd to target with your ads.

Talk to us. We’ll be most glad to help you out in T1 for your advertising needs.

Write a Public Market

Now Great Taste Capas

Just like Nepa Q-Mart and Balintawak Markets, you can have your own public market, too, all wrapped up with your ads.

With our long list of OOH property on public markets in the FOURTEEN (14) provincial Areas we have been operating in, you and your brands can have an array of choices depending on your marketing and advertising needs per location.

Moreso, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as part of ARTISTSHOP, a long-time Advertising DESIGN Agency, can help you develop non-trad advertising concept, design and layout on-strat your campaign and requirements for FREE. Yes, for FREE!

And with our Local Area Partnership program in place, our services goes beyond the usual activation on-premise of your campaigns. Post audit accountability is even present what with the day-day monitoring and management of property and effort.

So, wrap a public market all you want. We’ll be there with you and for you for as much as you want. Call us and call the much-needed attention of your public market consumer and patron targets.

Now Great Taste Capas

Now Great Taste Capas

To strengthen its visual hold and ownership of this prime public market property at Capas, Tarlac, Great Taste renewed its advertising contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP and along the way implemented its new campaign.

Strategically set at roadside of the MacArthur Highway, it is most visible to vehicular traffic going up NORTH Baguio/Ilocos or down SOUTH Manila.

As its public market, this is the center of trade and commerce of the Municipality of Capas. Geographically, this serves as well as the center of almost everything— like churches, restos, banks, hospitals, schools and every key business a municipality requires.

In addition, this public market is the assigned bus, jeepney and pedicab stopover/terminal.

In operation 24/7 , the place is illuminated thereby assuring your ads continued exposure.

Just as Great Taste has enjoyed the great ad mileage this Capas Public Market can offer, you and your brands can take advantage of the available prime adspaces in place here.

Legazpi Airport Decal Wrap

Legazpi Airport Decal Wrap

The newly-renovated Legazpi Domestic Airport offers a new advertising opportunity if you are targeting tourists and local air travelers.

We are referring to the emerging new media of decal wrapping glass paneling that the new terminals have to offer as based on its architectural design.

Whether at the (A) Departure/Security Check Area, (B) Pre-departure/Passenger Holding Lounge, or (C) Terminal Café for well-wishers, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been given approval by the Air Transportation Office on the development of the glass panels both for aesthetic and security reasons.

So much like the other terminals of other airports, this Legazpi Domestic Airport offers that same prime media ad mileage and value for your adspend.

For as required, a good TWO (2) hours max is spent by passenger patrons and their well-wishers in the terminal areas.

Imagine your rare opportunity to make that marketing pitch every flight time day after day after day. And, that’s exclusive of the extra time due to the delayed flights.

Should Have Been Your Airport Ad Decal

The ARTISTSHOP Company, Inc.

As per Agreement with ATO Legazpi Airport, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP activated glass panel decals at the check-in x-ray area of the pre-departure terminal building.

Set as a backdrop of the security x-ray station, every departing passenger is required to make a stop here.

Considering the volume of passengers per pre-flight, a bottleneck is a result each time.

Measuring a total of 1.97 x 3.79m as represented by SIXTEEN (16) composite glass panels, it’s a sure thing every time decal imagery shall be of high visual impact.

The glass paneling that serves as a part of the terminal building structure is not only visible from the inside that primarily targets the select and captive departing market, decals are as visible from the outside for facing the open parking area and designated drop off zone.

Inside and out, this recently-activated TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH Advertising decals should’ve been yours. It still could be yours if you call now.

Dunking Oreo

New Airport Advertising Medium, Yours!

Did you know that 32% Oreo eaters take the cookies apart to eat the inside first, then

20% dunk them in milk prior eating?

No wonder Oreo’s current “yoyo campaign” simulates the dunking motion that has become so much of a tradition while eating Oreo with a glass of milk for both the young ones and the young once.

However, have you noticed how the dunking motion was attempted simulated as a yoyo? Not that smooth nor realistic, right? For after all, it was still static imagery. And, paying for a side by side by side LightBOX series was not as effective as was done in the Makati pedestrian underpass unless one pays close attention to the THREE (3) units. But then, how can you clearly drive the message thru when your target maket is moving? So, how do we achieve the dunking motion then?

With our proprietary Motion Display ad system, you can have this Oreo dunking motion seamlessly up, down, up, down all day and night long.

Our FOURTEEN (14) sequential image display system makes all this happen. No ifs, no buts! Instead of renting THREE (3) LightBoxes, all you need is ONE (1) yet achieve the motion you really want to.

So, just like Oreo, do you have something in mind active for your advertising products or services campaign?

Now in the Philippines for the 1st time, check out our eARTISTSHOPglobal Motion Display ad system as we put motion and emotion into your advertising campaign direct to the point.

Caticlan Has More

New Airport Advertising Medium, Yours!

With the additional flights to Caticlan Domestic Airport comes the demand for more ad spaces.

Announcing the availability, starting today, of new ad spaces at the pre-departure passengers holding lounge area.

With a maximum waiting period of TWO (2) hours prior flight/boarding, the holding area is a most-sought after ad space what with the downtime.

Check out our addtional overhead/ceiling ad boxes set right in front of passenger terminal seating.

Already all crammed up, this additional adspaces long-reserved for TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is finally activated with the condition that this will be the last allowed in said area.

Therefore, consider this as your last opportunity to be in the the ATO Caticlan Domestic Airport terminal – the gateway to the Philippine’s favorite island resort Boracay.

Every time is Boracay time whole year round. Wouldn’t you want your ads to be here finally. It’s about time.

Laban Plema sa Legazpi

Click for full view

Goodbye, Piolo Pascual. Hello, Maricel Soriano!

As the Centrum image is brought down, up goes the Loviscol replacement billboard ad in the contract prime property of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP by Wyeth.

Timed for the school opening and the onset of the rainy season, this Laban Plema campaign: Sa Simula ng Ubo, Loviscol Agad! is most relevant.

Set atop a low-rise building that welcomes every Legazpi City vehicular tarffic, it is a most on-demand OOH billboard site in the City of Legazpi.

Area being a mix of subdivisions and commercial + government buildings with a public school a mere meters away, this new Wyeth campaign is most strategic.

Illuminated at nightfall from 6PM, even the mall patrons of the City’s TWO (2) shopping complexes are a sure target.

Just like this Wyeth contract billboard, check out our other site “as-prime” OOH properties here in Legazpi City – or, anywhere else in FOURTEEN (14) provincial Areas in operation.