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GMA 7 Volunteer Work

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It’s Clean, It’s Green, Now It’s Fresh!

There’s a new freshness spreading in Makati.

First it was in the CBD of Salcedo and Legaspi Villages. Now it’s the surrounding areas of Pasong Tamo, Estrella, Rockwell, J.P. Rizal, etc.

We’re talking about the new advertising campaign of Van Melle’s Mentos FRESH TO IMPRESS! Initially, campaign was launched at the original or 1st-generation Makati Food Stalls/JOLLIJEEP which is right smack at the Makati CBD. Now said campaign has been expanded to the 2nd-generation Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStalls. Both are under the Livelihood Program of the City of Makati with the single-mindedness of helping the THREE HUNDERED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) Manang and Manong OPERATORS.

Enjoying brisk sales in view of the strategic locations and the reasonable pricing, these stalls are actually non-trad advertising opportunities specific to its target and in a most-regulated area in Makati City. Historically (and even up to now), advertising was simply not allowed, period.

Well, we can put your brand here in Makati and run that ad campaign for you…even implement merchandising efforts on our endorsement.

We’re just a phone call away.

Relax, It’s Clean & Green

The new Fortune Tobacco Corporation’s Hope Lights Cigarette is now in the Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls.

With SIX (6) varying campaign materials activated by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in-stall these food stalls outside the Makati City CBD of Ayala, Relax CONDO, BALCONY, ROADTRIP, ROWBOAT, ROOFTOP, and BEACH visually freshen up the cabinets of Manong and Manang OPERATORs.

Save for the food stalls near schools and churches, Fortune Tobacco has achieved “ownership” of this Makati Livelihood program as allowed by the Tobacco Law.

So just like Hope, your brand can be in any of these Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls spread out at key areas of Pasong Tamo, Estrella Rockwell, J.P. Rizal and other vital side streets beyond the CBD.

Non-trad or just plain merchandising, these food stalls are really OOH advertising opportunities in a much monitored and regulated area that is Makati.

Do you then have anything in mind here in Makati? Relax, our Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls can make it all happen for you.

Fresh Makati CBD to Impress

Van Melle, the makers of Mentos – the county’s leading mint candy, launched its new advertising campaign: Fresh To Impress.

Banking on the continued success of the JOLLIJEEPs as an advertising medium here in Makati CBD, Van Melle hopes to kick start its sales and profits by being where the market is.

It’s a refreshing way to end a stomach-full meal in the JOLLIJEEPs.

As you know, for the 4th year running, Manang and Manong OPERATORS have provided affordable home-cooked meals as alternative to fastfood to the thousands of the Makati workers day and night.

Looking for a grand advertising opportunity right smack in the Makati CBD? Day and night you can hit your target market every time. Check out the merchandising opportunities we can allow you and your brand as a valued advertiser and partner of this City of Makati livelihood program.

Makati Jollijeep Now Has SmartBRO Prepaid

In the promotion of its latest SmartBRO Prepaid product/service, Smart Telecommnunications is once more banking on the Makati Food Stalls as popularly referred to as JOLLIJEEEPs to hit the Makati CBD work force.

This is a natural choice considering that the Makati regular and off-office hours work force is the strategic target for SmartBRO made more convenient as a pre-paid service.

The JOLLIJEEP remains as a most-reliable ad media when you want to target its work force of Makati for most effective for it is spread out in the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages of the CBD wherein advertising is most regulated by Ayala Land.

So, have you been wanting to target that elusive Makati market with your product(s) or service(s) advertising, the Makati JOLLIJEEP is your way to go.

UNLI 25 at Jollijeep

Now Great Taste Capas

The promo battle is on for telecoms here at the Makati CBD in our Mobile Food Stalls. Bayantel started it all with its FREE Php 100, now Smart Buddy has its ALLTEXT UNLI 25.

Not only is unlimited texting offered for Smart to Smart to Talk ‘N Text, there are TEN (10) texts to all networks – with only a Php 1 maintaining balance. Valid for 24 hours, this promo valid until 31 July, 2008.

It’s just getting better and better for the end users at the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages of the Makati CBD.

How about you? These ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) Jollijeeps here in the CBD and  the TWO HUNDRED (200) 2nd-generation Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStalls are as good as it can get for your promos and on-premise merchandise beyond your advertising.

Just like Smart and any of our advertisers, you can take advantage of the media mileage here in Makati where it is most regulated. Shall we schedule a visit?

Have Advocacy, We’ll Put Your in Makati

Now Great Taste Capas
How would you want your corporate advocacy campaigns displayed in the most prime of locations in the Makati Central Business District of Salcedo and Legaspi Villages?

Now’s your great opportunity to do so.

Simply let us know of your advocacy campaigns. Is it for the environment, tourism, etc.? We can endorse this for City consideration should program fall within the parameters set. Imagine the media mileage your program can achieve with the execution of decal materials on the THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) units under the Livelihood Program: Mobile FoodStall/JOLLIJEEP and Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStall.

It’s FREE and you can believe that.

But you have to call and let us know soonest for allocations on a 1st come, 1st served basis + only a single advocacy category allowed.

So, is it going to be your company’s or brand’s advocacy campaign that the thousands upon thousands of the Makati workforce shall be seeing 24/7 soon? It’s really all up to you.

De Clutter Your Counters as You Put Them in eMotion

After spending millions to aesthetically set up your cashier counters, why allow your many counter-top displays or tentcards to litter store? Let our proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY Ad System clean up that mess yet show the same number of POPs! Not only that, your images will be in motion – not static, for that clutter- free, cleaner-looking store for better sales, more profits!