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Elevate Your Elevator Advertising to a Higher Level

Why limit your elevator OOH advertising campaign here in mega Manila only when you can have every mall around the country? Why not?!

With our  Local Area Partnership program in FOURTEEN (14) provincial areas, your elevator wrap advertising can be all around the country!

As everyone knows by now, the malls in the provinces have kept pace with the growth and standards of what was then an exclusive of the Manila malls – both in size, infrastructure and technology.

Yes, the rapid expansion of SM was the catalyst to all this with local businessmen rising to the challenge. Just look at the many local-based malls! They are getting bigger and better, complete with elevator facilities.

And the best of this all, your elevator wrap advertising campaign can be activated at your very convenience of having to work with a single Agency. But that’s just the start. TBPI/ARTISTSHOP with a long-established Local Area offices, is committed to monitor and provide post-audit reports accordingly so your OOH advertising efforts and adspend are protected.

Check out our FOURTEEN (14) Areas. Consider TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as your partner in convenience for your truly national OOH advertising campaign as you guarantee yourself to elevate your sales and profits. Go National, go TBPI/ARTISTSHOP!

Makati Post Advertising

See those pair of post in every Makati CLEAN & GREEN Food Stall?

Starting month: SEPTEMBER, all those THREE HUNDRED (300) pcs. will be available for your advertising.

Totaling to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (150) stalls spread out in key locations around Makati City, these posts are visible day and night —  equally as impactful regardless food stall are open or closed.

Highly appreciated for its media mileage being set in a mix of locations hitting a varied captive market, your adspend with these posts at the Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls should be easy to justify.

And with the 24-hour exposure day after day, what better way to advertise here in Makati where advertising is most regulated.

What more, with a little as php500.00 ad space rental, there’s no excuse for you and your brand not to take advantage being able to run an ad campaign in a most prime location.

Post advertising anyone? The race to lock our this prime ad property starts now.

Legazpi is Complete Again… This Time with Heart

Wyeth Philippines again changed its OOH ad image at its prime Legazpi City billboard property under contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Area 1.

This time bearing actress/singer/host Heart Evangelista, the latest Clusivol “I Am Complete” campaign was unfurled recently.

As a billboard located at main thoroughfare coming into the City CBD and shopping/commercial areas, this new ad image of Wyeth is a heart-warming and pleasant view to behold as one goes into the city.

Day or night, students of nearby schools, office workers and residents of various subdivisions will likewise be impacted by this new Clusivol campaign endorsed by Heart.

Illuminated from 6:00PM, its ad mileage goes on even at nightfall for the gimmick goers at the TWO (2) main malls of the city.

Check our our other TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH Billboard sites and complete your ad campaign here in Legazpi City.

Quirino Avenue Billboard Coming Up

Not just ONE (1) but TWO (2) billboard units will be set up soon along the key thoroughfare of Quirino Avenue in Paco, Manila.

Set back-to-back as a stand-alone billboard structure, this ___ x ____’ unit shall be both highly visible to vehicular traffic both from Roxas Boulevard, Taft Pedro Gil (Herran), South Luzon Expressway and Nagtahan, Quezon Boulevard, Espana, Plaza Dilao.

FRONT-illuminated, night time is as good an exposure for your ad materials.

To be erected within property of Manila Autogas and just along property line of the Old Paco Central Train Station, advertising here is guaranteed day and night with high impact in mileage for your brand every time.

Shouldn’t you be booking this newest OOH advertising property here in Paco along  President Qurino Avenue?

Godspeed, Breadwinner

Julie’s Bakeshop, The Value-Driven Company, recently signed up an OOH Advertising contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in its Cebu International Airport property.

Targeting departing OFW passengers and its family well-wishers, the traffic overhead signage along the MCIAA Access Road leading to the international and domestic terminals was contracted long-term.

The GODSPEED, BREADWINNER campaign aims to wish the OFW a safe-trip who is often the provider, a breadwinner of the whole family, a safe journey – a double talk for Julie’s bakery products and advocacy.

How about you? Are you looking for not-so-traditional OOH advertising opportunities for OFWs? Starting with MCIAA of Cebu and our other international airports, we have across the country domestic terminals for your selection to send our breadwinners Godspeed.

C5 Billboard Coming Up

On your way to Makati or Alabang while along C5? Soon our ____ x ____ billboard will surely be the center of your affection and your target market’s center of attention.

Just right before you go up the elevated crossroad brudge going to Shaw, Pasig, or farther straight C5 to Makati, Fort Bonifacio, South Superhighway, our OOH structure is within property of Manila Autogas.

As a regular of this juncture, the turtle-paced traffic should be most familiar to you.

The long and short of the plan is – initially THREE (3) traditional and static ad images are to be set in this single-faced free-standing structure; however an LED shall be in the works as soon as the opportunity allows for the middle panel.

Check out this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Autogas C5 OOH billboard advertising opportunity soon to rise along this Valle Verde stretch. It’s a property your brand surely deserves.

The Biggest Billboard in South Luzon Expressway

In between the Sucat and Alabang interchange is TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Out-Of-Home property along the South Luzon Expressway.

Depending on your direction it is right or left side of the expressway.

Measuring at 10 x 95.5m it is surely the biggest billboard advertising opportunity here with the everyday traffic where day and night ad impact is guaranteed.

The Sucat Interchange exit ramp slows down vehicular traffic flow at both directions due to the mere volume of cars alone.

So, are you in the lookout for a great billboard site in SLEX? This TBPI/ARTISTSHOP horizontally set OOH property should be your answer to your advertising need. For after all, size still does matter in billboard advertising.

Do let us know when you want to drive thru this SLEX property site.