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Makati District II Advertising

The Livelihood Program of the City of Makati has been heralded time and again as most successful since its inception and implementation.

The original “stainless box” eateries or Jollijeeps has spawned into the smaller CLEAN and GREEN FoodStalls.

Always copied but never duplicated, now it is growing.

To those in the know, regardless if it was the JOLLIJEEPs or Makati CLEAN and GREEN, its locations of THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) units were basically limited to the business districts of Makati City.

Yes, Makati is synonymous to business but there is another side of the city.

Announcing the opening of the new Makati District for product distribution and advertising! Unknown to most, Makati City has TWO (2) Districts. The 1st being primarily that of the Central Business District (CBD) and the 2nd as residential.

That the 1st District is more for business thus perceived prime, the 2nd District of Makati likewise has its own merits and specific target markets.

Check out what’s in store for you here in the District II Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStall up for activation. TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as its AOR, will be glad to help you out in your plans here.

Cebu’s in Good Hands

Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the gateway to the Queen City of the Philippines and the rest of the Visayan islands for international and domestic travel, is the site of the new Metrobank Out-Of-Home Advertising campaign: You’re In Good Hands.

An expansion of the current airport advertising program here in Manila’s air terminals, Cebu’s international airport and terminal were obvious next choice. It was a no-brainer considering that Cebu’s MCIAA is the No. 2 terminal of the country so what better way to grow your ad media and mileage if the opportunity arrives.

Through the MCIAA’s AeroBridges, each arriving passenger is greeted with the Metrobank ad decals during disembarkation procedure from the flight.

On the way out, AeroBridge ad decals are as visible when passengers are getting bored waiting for flight schedule at the designated passenger holding areas. And as they board, these OOH ad decals become as visible.

As an international airport terminal, day and night mileage is guaranteed to a wide mix of target market.

Today, Cebu’s in “good hands” with Metrobank. Watch out for next airports lined up activations as Metrobank eyes to own visually these AeroBridges around the country.

How about you, have you been wanting these AeroBridges for the longest time?

Job Search and Career Consultations at JolliJeep

Now you can get a headstart with a job that fits you right!

With the Makati JOLLIJEEP, you can do your job search and career consultation through its latest advertiser: Staff Alliance, Inc..

With a commitment to “grow people”, Staff Alliance recently placed ad decal as advertising of its services here in the Makati CBD Mobile Food Stalls.

Very well knowing that said CBD is teeming with talent and opportunity seekers every day that patronize these Makati food stalls, an OOH advertising campaign was most tactical.

Indeed, good people don’t have to be last in great job opportunities. This is what the Makati JOLLIJEEP can offer everyday. And everyday, your advertising can benefit most here day and night from the regular Makati CBD work force, visitors, guests and even call center agents that has made this a 24/7 CBD.

How about you, what advertising do you have in mind?

Tropicana, Gatorade, Lipton O Sting, Magpalamig ka Muna!

PEPSICO, the makers of Pepsi, 7 UP, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, MUG, Tropicana, Gatorade, Lipton, and Sting, expanded its new Magpalamig campaign to the Makati CBD after launching it in the Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStalls outside the city’s CBD earlier.

Now, the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls in the Central Business District as well carry the new campaign.

With the advertising and distribution lock out, Pepsi enjoys the exclusivity of this prime business area of Makati.

How about you? You too can have the same advertising and business opportunity PEPSICO and our other JOLLIJEEP advertisers for so long as excluded in the contract lock out which we guarantee understandably to our partners-which you could be or your products/services.

See us for details and the great opportunity these Makati Livelihood FoodStalls have in store.

Ayala Center – Landmark OOH Advertising

This Christmas Season, be the one and only advertiser to be able to greet each and every shopper of Ayala Center thru Glorietta 3 when coming from The Landmark.

This holiday, literally this months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER alone, we are opening up an area for OOH advertising!

HORIZONTALLY measuring to the specs of 2.5 x 19’, a LightBox (single-faced) has been allowed by Ayala Malls for this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP PANAFLEX.

Strategically set head-on to every foot traffic/shopping patron coming from The Landmark Department Store heading to Glorietta, it is for every one to see from start of mall operating hours up to closing.

Even during non-holiday seasons, this is as prime a location can ever get – what more this Christmas Season!

You need to call us quick as in NOW for this prime Ayala Center – Landmark OOH Advertising. Remember it’s only for the Christmas Season!

When in Makati, Magpalamig ka Muna

PEPSICO, the exclusive beverage contract partner in the Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStall Livelihood Program recently launched its new advertising campaign. Its “MAGPALAMIG KA MUNA” ad image is spread out in the ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE (175) stalls in areas outside the Makati CBD like Pasong Tamo (and its extension), J.P. Rizal and Estrella Street at Rockwell.

Enjoying enormous sales here, PEPSICO hopes to continue in supporting this livelihood program that primarily helps the Makati Manang and Manong OPERATORS while providing affordable home-cooked meals to its faithful patrons from all walks of life.

As its advertiser, PEPSICO has locked competition out in the distribution and selling of its various products like Pepsi, 7 UP, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, MUG, Tropicana, Gatorade, Lipton, and Sting.

Just like PEPSICO, you too can have this same opportunity to be in any of the Makati CLEAN and GREEN FoodStalls in advertising and kicking out competition along the way.

Designer Coffee at Jollijeep

Sosyal ‘di ba?

The entry of Bon Vivant – a new designer coffee with exciting flavors adds a new taste in the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls in the Makati CBD. JOLLIJEEP, long recognized as a source of affordable staple meals and drinks to the daily thousands of Makati City workforce and its visitors breakfast, noon or dinner turns a new leaf in its service history.

Targeting the call center agent market and upper strata, Bon Vivant offers a new alternative coffee… and flavors, for a change.

And with the Makati CBD being a 24/7 area, what better way to start or end a long day’s (or whole night’s) work shift.

Just like Bon Vivant, have you been contemplating on your products being distributed in these JOLLIJEEPS? They’re not as lowly as you think! Remember, more than your products being available here in Makati, it’s also being able to advertise in a most prime TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH property.

Wanted: Public Market Store Signages Sponsors

Right along side the Legazpi Public Market is a newly-developed strip to handle the spillover market for the growing needs of this key public market.

Fondly referred to as Rainbow Arcade for its multi-colored stall facade, it is is need for sponsorship of its store signage requirements.

These signages shall bear standard specifications and specifically be  the only ones allowed under  our Good Housekeeping program: CLEAN PUBLIC MARKET POLICY as the City’s public market AOR.

Year on year, they shall be updated as per beautification requirements of the City.

As a signage, your brand media mileage shall be maximized for not only these shall be visible to the public market patrons all day long, Sunshine Arcade is along

newly-developed access road around the market area and its surrounding facilities.

How would you like to “visually own” the area and put color into your public market sales in this Legazpi Rainbow Arcade?

Wanted: Public Market Tent Sponsors

Pathetic, isn’t it? In view of this, we’ve been asked by the City to help fix this eyesore by looking for well-meaning sponsors to provide tents and you might be interested.

In the implementation of our Project: BEAUTIFICATION with the City of Legazpi and its LGU, we are to rehabilitate the top floor of the Legazpi Public Market and clean up the open area.

With standardization in mind, a uniform specs throughout the public market will be complied with and that our Good Housekeeping Program: CLEAN PUBLIC MARKET POLICY shall be in place and strictly implemented. No advertising, no merchandising shall be allowed beyond the accredited sponsor/partner of the City of Legazpi.

As the AOR for this program, we will stand committed to this.

Imagine the opportunity of locking this prime OOH property media mileage for a year. Imagine the possibilities of implementing your merchandising campaigns here as well. Check out what we can do together for this public market – and any other areas we are in partnership with around the country.

Legaspi Airport Skirt Advertising

The Legazpi Domestic Airport terminal is the latest to join in the long list of provincial airports to be activated with service baggage conveyour belt disposal system.

Recently installed in time for the up and coming Legazpi City IBALONG Festival  and in preparation to the Christmas onrush of passengers, this service item is the centerpiece of attention of every arriving passenger.

All eagerly awaiting for the checked in baggages, all eyes will be on the conveyour system once it starts rolling for the next FIFTEEN (15) minutes.

Take advantage of this window to advertise your products or services.

Remember also, this unit will be the only OOH advertising in said passenger ARRIVAL area so you can just imagine the value of “ownership” of said effrot.

Don’t let this great advertising opportunity slip you by flight after flight here in Legazpi City —  or, in any of our contract Domestic Airports around the country.