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Section ID and the New Tarlac Public Market

As a new public market, its modern amenities is what would strike you most.

From the basic requirements of a public market all the way to proper planning and zoning for an orderly day-day operation.

Most notable are provisions of directional signages and section category IDs.

How would you like to sponsor these interior advertising requirements as required by the City?

A most helpful service item for everyday public market patron, its advertising and media mileage is as important.

Since these signages shall be in a per category basis, you as a sponsor can tactically select brand/product or service advertising specific to your target market.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time “mamalengke ka na” for OOH sites here at the new Tarlac Public Market?

Store Signages and the New Tarlac Public Market

NEWsFLASH! store signage & tartac PM

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Building Façade Signage and the New Tarlac Public Market

NF Bldg Facade Signage & the new Tarlac PM

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Makati Gets Into the Loop

“One Day it will rain donuts and I’ll be there.”

And so goes the newest Makati advertising at the livelihood stalls of the Central Business District goes.

Welcome Hot Loops as it joins the many brands that have taken advantage of the media mileage + distribution/selling in the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) stalls in Salcedo and Legaspi Villages.

As a premiere business center of the country and the call center capital as well, Makati has become the hottest place to be for food products with thousands of daily workers, visitors and guests, this is understandable.

And with most of the CBD operating 24/7, its equity has soared naturally.

So as Hot Loops gets into the loop in business and advertising for sales and profits, isn’t it about time you and your products be where it matters most?

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the Agency On Record for those Makati advertising stalls, is all ears to help you out this 2009 get into the loop here in Makati. Make it today. Call.

T3 is in Motion Here, There and Everywhere

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, the country’s premiere airport terminal, is the recipient of the Philippine’s latest advertising technology – the eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY ad system.

As part of of the Manila International Airport Authority’s PR Campaign: NAIA. We go the extra Smile!, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as its Agency On Record, activated very recently its initial phase of its proprietary display system in key locations around the sprawling terminal airport primarily used by Cebu Pacific for both its domestic and international flights.

By supporting this PR Campaign developed by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP for MIAA, you as a sponsor can take advantage of this rare opportunity of being 1st in T3. Imagine the prestige and the media mileage this PR Campaign has to offer.

But then again, why imagine when your chance to be in T3 is here, right now. Call us.

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Makati is Hot and More Into the Loop!

Not to be outdone, the Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls set outside the Makati Central Business District also activated the latest Hot Loops advertising campaign.

Recognizing advertising and marketing potential of going beyond the traditional work district, campaign has been expanded to J. P. Rizal, Rockwell Estrella and Pasong Tamo areas.

Now we can say that Makati City really is into the loop!

So just like Hot Loops and its campaign: “One Day It Will Rain Donuts and I’ll Be There”, your products and services can be in THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) locations in and around Makati. More importantly, they are as prime as it can get.

These are actually Out-Of-Home Advertising BILLBOARDS in a most regulated area. You have to agree that once in Makati, advertising does not come easy or none at all.

Why Go Underground?

Once in a while, cinema advertising would pop up as an advertiser in the many OOH LightBox advertising sites in the pedestrian underpasses of Makati.

These underpasses serve as connecting walkways of Salcedo and Legaspi Villages of Makati’s Central Business District. Thousands of office workers, visitors and guests use these passage ways under Ayala Avenue every working day and even weekends. A very good venue for promoting a movie considering that these passersby are the very target viewers and market.

However, why settle for underground viewing when volume and media mileage are limited? Why not go above ground? Where every one can see once in the CBD of Makati?

Also, why settle for a short exposure period only when underpasses are open?

See those stalls above ground spread all around the CBD? That’s ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) ad opportunities awaiting for your cinema ads every time! Bigger in size. Wider media mileage and higher eyeball/impact. And yes, short-term contracts accepted! The market you are running after in the underpasses will be the same people who will see those ad decals + a lot other more!

So, why go underground when you can go above ground in advertising?

Is It a Mall? No, Its a Public Market!

Yes, the new Tarlac City Public Market is now open for you.

At 1st glance you’d think it’s a mall.

No wonder you would for, when envisioned by the LGU executives led by its Hon. Mayor ARO MENDOZA, a feeling of being in a mall instead of a public market was specifically given as direction to the disguise. The open areas and garden clusters all add up to the ambiance that is a take off from the traditional palengke we have all gotten used to.

It’s all about planning and the vision to deliver and provide what Tarlac City and its constituents deserves as the planners and movers of this market. As it is ready for the public, it is also open for your products distribution, services implementation and, of course, advertising and merchandising.

And TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as its Agency On Record for this new Tarlac City Public Market for the next THREE (3) years, is now ready for your plans on OOH Advertising. Check out the various ad and merchandising efforts in store for you here for sponsorship and/or adspace placements.

Welcome the new year in the right Marketing and Advertising direction through the Tarlac Public Market.

Tarlac Has Fresh Options

Going North, you will not miss the new advertising campaign recently-activated by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in its prime OOH Pedestrian Overpass property in the City of Tarlac for its new Client.

Fresh Options, a locally-based San Fernando meatshop signed up an OOH advertising contract in time with its opening of a 2nd store here in the City of Tarlac.

This TBPI/ARTISTSHOP pedestrian overpass property, set across the MacArthur Highway is perfect for advertising when targeting incoming vehicular traffic going into the City.

For those not in the know, Tarlac City has enjoyed a brisk growth in business lately as evidenced by the sprouting of new local and national establishments like Robinsons for one when it took over the Plaza Luisita Center.

The eventual opening of SM very soon has stirred both the business and buying community even more!

Just as Fresh Options has realized the opportunity Tarlac has to offer now and in the future, you too can give your business and/or brand a fresh start ahead of competition with the various OOH properties TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has to offer. Make that call now. It’s all it takes to get a head start.