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Airport SMILE! Campaign and eARTISTSHOPglobal

Starting in its Administration Building, the expansion of the Manila International Airport PR Campaign: NAIA We Go the Extra Smile! goes hi-tech and electronic with our proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System. Very soon you can count on your sponsorship ad mileage to fly off at the Manila terminal airports of T1, T2, T3 and Old Domestic!

T2 is in Motion Too

Rightly so, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 or known as Centennial Airport is the 2nd air terminal with our proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY ad system. Starting this month: JANUARY or a mere month away from the activation of the MOTION DISPLAY ad system at T1, T2 has its very own.

McDO, Jollibee, Daraga

TWO (2) of the country’s leading hamburger restos are in a race against time.

By simply being in the Central Business District of Daraga, Albay,  you will automatically know what we mean by this.

For, simultaneously and round the clock, McDonalds and Jollibee are building their very 1st stores outside the City of Legazpi.

Barely ONE HUNDRED (100) meters away from each other, both the stores are along the main road J. Rizal Street which is the gateway to and from the city.

That Daraga is a mere municipality, it has its own merits for advertising and marketing spend since it is really here that the world-famous Mayon Volcano is located and that it connects itself to Sorsogon where the Butandings are and leads to Naga and Manila all the way. Strategic, we may say.

On its own, being at the CBD itself where all the action is should be enough reason why McDonalds and Jollibee are trying to outdo each other.

And as a long-time OOH media provider here, check out the dozens of ad opportunities and property sites we have waiting for you. The time to act is now… not later on your advertising efforts.

New Developments. New Billboards.

As the Central Business District of Albay province’s most dynamic and progressive municipality goes abuzz with excitement and speculations , we announce the development of an Out-Of-Home billboard right in the very heart of all these.

Right along property line where the 2nd McDonald’s store in the metro Legazpi area is TBPI/ARTISTSHOP new billboard.

Though measuring only 16.5 x 16.5’, it is bigger than its seemingly small specs. Set very low at merely 6’ from the ground level, it is expected to hit every arcade patron where McDo will be, a convenience store + Mercury Drug – all of which shall be 24-hours in operation.

Even as a mere passerby wether by foot or a vehicular traffic, the impact of this billboard shall be unparalleled. Illuminated at night via a series of metal halide lamp will maximize ad media mileage after sundown.

Check out the strategic location . Right across the row of Public Market buildings, commercial establishments, schools and universities for elementary, high school and college, hospitals, etc. What else can you ask for from an OOH billboard location?

Awning Sponsorship

As in any public market, service item: AWNING is a basic component in its day-day operations.

And, the new downtown Tarlac Public Market is of no exception.

As the photos show, temporarily these makeshift awnings have been allowed out of necessity. However, these will have to go as soon as we are able to set up the system and program to protect the integrity and aesthetics of this new public market structure and overall look.

In line with this, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as per Agency On Record MOA, announces the availability of the new Tarlac Public Market AWNING for Sponsorship along streets: SANTOS and ANCHETA.

As with our other and earlier public market properties in contract with our Agency, the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP specially-designed AWNINGS shall likewise be implemented with the LGU advocacy program hand-hand displayed with your ads.

That awnings are service items as protection to the elements of rain and sun, it actually is an OOH Advertising Medium most effective in public markets.

Now’s the time to sign up for sponsorship. For historically, anyone who gets in 1st, rarely lets go of said prime ad opportunity.

Post Decal Wrap and the New Tarlac Public Market

NF Tarlac PM Post Decal Wrap

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Post Roman Streamers and the New Tarlac Public Market

NF Tarlac PM Post Streamers

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Wall Billboard and the New Tarlac Public Market

NF Tarlac PM Wall Billboard

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Solar What?

What on earth is there a need for a trash receptacle to be solar about?

Nothing, right? Wrong!

Take a close look at our specially-designed trashbin system and you’ll tend to agree that there is reason enough.

Introducing our eARTISTSHOPglobal SOLAR Trashbin.

Call us for a demo as we show you how you can have the very 1st illuminated trashbin in the country.

Solar powered so there’s no cost at all to run the system for powered by the sun.

Imagine setting this non-trad solar trashbin in your property at ZERO COST and NO EFFORT to you.

So if you are a mall owner, open parking operator or have an open area property of high foot traffic and visibility, this trash is for you!

And, believe me… there’s cash in trash!