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Add eMOTION Into Your Cellphone Charging Station

eBUZZ Nokia Charging Station

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Nakaka-impress ang Makati!

When it comes to cooking, “nakaka-impress” si Manang and Manong OPERATORS of the Makati JOLLIJEEPS and CLEAN & GREEN FoodStalls.

When it comes to advertising however, the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP roadside Makati Business District Billboard ay “mas nakakaimpress!”

As you go around the CBD and around the City of Makati, you cannot help but notice the Lee Kum Kee Kitchen Empress OOH advertising campaign here promoting its Oyster-Flavored Cooking Sauce that the OPERATORS use for their day to day cooking to the delight of the thousands of everyday workers of the country’s premiere business center.

Check out the business opportunity of having your product used and/or distributed here in Makati’s THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) units while you “impress” with your OOH advertising your target market here every day, every night.

Kanin Get It!

Kanin pa lang ulam na! as the new advertising campaign in the Makati CLEAN & GREEN FoodStall and JOLLIJEEPs here in the City of Makati goes.

Clara Ole, the newest advertiser of this most popular livelihood project of the City of Makati, is making possible for the 1st time for the THREE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN (327) Manang and Manong OPERATORS to serve Paella. Si, Paella señor y señoritas!

With its Ora Mix Mo instant paella-flavored rice, the thousands upon thousands of daily patrons are enjoying “new” rice to feed their hunger from the rigors of office work.

Clarong-claro that the new Clara Ole flavoured-rice is a welcome change to the usual steamed rice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hand-in-hand with the success of the new Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo is the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP advertising efforts here in the Salcedo and Legaspi villages of Makati.

So come on, come and get these remaining prime OOH advertising opportunities ahora mismo!

Hello! Arriving Airport Passengers!

Starting last week, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been allowed expansion of its eARTISTSHOPglobal TVmodule program in the ‘Tourism’ airports around the country.

For the longest time, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been running a ‘localized’ TV program in the DOT-designated ‘Tourism’ airports.  Set within the Pre-Departure/Passenger Holding Area to bid every patron during waiting period a safe trip and happy farewell.

This time, a 2nd unit strategically set in the terminal Arrival Area has been activated starting with the Legazpi Airport with Caticlan, Palawan, Tagbilaran, Naga, Kalibo and Puerto Princesa to follow suit soon for the Summer Season.

Strategically set within baggage claim area where carousel is, you can welcome each passenger and do your 30-second products sell during downtime or waiting for baggage to be unloaded from the plane and released.

Yes it is but a FIFTEEN-(15) minute window but that’s all you’ll ever need actually to sell your product/services in the eARTISTSHOPglobal 32’’ TVmodule.

Dagos sa Legazpi! Dagos more sales and profits!

ARTISTSHOP Tourism Truck Launch

Northern Catch NC Atin To!
March 25, 2006

Region 3, Central Luzon
Artistshop Tourism Ad Truck Feature

It’s A Cool, Cool Summer In Makati CBD

For the 1st time, the Makati JOLLIJEEP Manang and Manong OPERATORS will be selling ice cream. Yes, you read it right!

Ice cream is now readily available in these food stalls.

For the longest time, ice cream has been a most-requested item here by the thousands of daily office workers of the Makati CBD that patronize these livelihood food stalls.

Unfortunately, since there is no electricity supply, no ice cream or related product sold… until now.

With the advancement and advent of technology, Nestle Ice Cream brings to the Makati JOLLIJEEP Drumstick, Ice Buko, Twin Pops, Nestea Lemon, Pinipig, and Ice Cream Cups sans any electrification here in the Jollijeeps.

So, there’s no need to scream for Ice Cream anymore. Now you can have the ice cream all you want. And what a perfect time for Nestle to launch its product distribution and advertising campaign here as the summer season goes deeper and the temperature goes higher!

Just like Nestle, you too can be at the Makati Food Stalls.

Call Nyt Long At Makati CBD

The Makati business district is all talk with Smart’s new mobile service CALL NYT LONG ‘Enjoy All Nyt call from 11PM-6AM for only Php 15.00’ under its “Gabi-gabing Kwentuhan… Kaya kahit pa-morningan!”

As an OOH billboard property, it is in a most-prime location of the Ayala property where it is most regulated by Makati Commercial Estate Association.

Being a highly visible roadside ad effort, these Smart materials are most visible to the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages vehicular traffic primarily and to the foot traffic as secondary target.  More so, its being set in the call counter capital of the Philippines where its call center agents are all-day-long and all-night-long here, this is most strategic for this call nyt long advertisers. Smart, isn’t it?

How about you? Do you have advertising requirements for the Makati CBD? Our Makati Business district billboards should be your way to go!

Welcome! Holy Spirit!

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myDSL. My Cebu.

For a 2nd time PLDT activated its myDSL billboard advertising image at the only access point of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

As with the 1st time, myDSL ad image is displayed at both sides as activated by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in this prime property as managed by its Area 5: CEBU Local Area office in Cebu.

As a security tollgate, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP set this structure up under a BOT agreement for the Cebu Airport Authority – MCIAA, to monitor and manage the flow of vehicular traffic in and out this internal airport complex.

So leaving or arriving Cebu International Airport, this PLDT billboard hits every incoming vehicular traffic and are required to slowdown as per security standard operating procedure. Perfect for the downtime experienced by airport patrons and motorists especially at peak flight hours of this 2nd premiere airport terminal in the country.

Check out the other TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH properties for your advertising here in Cebu. Check out how we may be of help in the Cebu area or in any of the FOURTEEN (14) provinces we are in.

It’s 8 O’clock In Legazpi

As the City of Legazpi gears up for graduation and the big summer break, Coca-Cola, the makers of 8 o’clock Juice Drink, sub-contracted TBPI/ARTISTSHOP most-prime Out-Of-Home advertising site in the university and restaurant row of the Old Albay District.

Now teeming with students and crowds for the upcoming graduation ceremonies what with a number of universities around, soon after graduation the summer fun-lovers will replace the students.

8 o’clock campaign: TATLONG BASO Php 6.00* Pamilyang protektado, less worries! targets strategically just the right market that frequents the place and this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH Advertising billboard simply provides a perfect background to all these happenings.

That this site is the primest of them all in the Old Albay District, check out the other billboard sites just as good and so much worth your media spend – for short-, medium- and long-term contracts.

For the meantime, it’s 8 o’clock in Legazpi until your ads come barging in.