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Dagos Sa Naga! Welcome To Your Advertising!

Make those passersby buy!

That this LightBox will just be passed by, you can make every passenger buy your product or services as they pass by your ad at the wall of the Naga National Airport.

With a size of 4×8’ horizontally set and being the 1st ad to greet each arriving passenger once inside the terminal building, what more reason do you want to sign up this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Arrival LightBox advertising?

So make the 1st impression and make it last here at the Naga airport be your target a local, a tourist on the way to Caramoan (the country’s new Boracay), to pay homage to the Lady of Peñafrancia or simply to whoop it up at the CWC wakeboarding.

Bear in mind, there is only ONE (1) unit allowed by the Airport Authority! Unfortunate, isn’t it? Not really… if you act now and sign up with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP!

Dagos sa Naga. Welcome sales and profit with your Naga National Advertising.

Naga Airport Baggage Claim Advertising

As the passengers wait for your baggage to be off loaded from the plane, make your move – sell your products and advertise.

Take advantage of this downtime when the passengers are left with not much of a choice but wait and stare at those advertising of yours.

Let the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP LightBox property ad site do the trick for you.

Imagine the potential of hitting every incoming passenger of Naga City.

Yes, it is but a 5-minute minimum wait but how much really time do you need to do your selling?

And, with a minimal number of ad units allowed, surely your ad material will make the necessary statement and close out that sale.

So, is the arriving passenger a tourist, a businessman or even a regular? It matters not for what really count is you close the sale as early as your market is waiting at the baggage claim area of this CAAP Naga National Airport.

Claim your sales now and book this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH ad property.

Dagos sa Naga. Welcome your sales and profits thru these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Naga National Airport Advertising.

Dagos sa Naga

What better way to welcome every local home-coming Bikolano or 1st-time foreign or local guests as tourists.

Introducing the CAAP Naga National Airport railing divider streamering!

For the 1st time, a long-term contract was signed to TBPI/ARTISTSHOP for the use of these security railings that keep out the well-wishers from rushing the terminal building when picking up arriving passengers.

Set right in front of the exit access of the Terminal building, each arriving passenger eases himself out here after checked-in baggages claimed and board vehicles.

The choice is yours! You can take the whole stretch or simply pick a spot of your fancy.

Also, short-, mid- and long-term contracts to choose from as your budget allows taken into account.

And with so much happening in Naga like the recent opening of SM City (the 1st SM in Bikolandia), Penafrancia Festival and CWC wake boarding, shouldn’t this great ad opportunity be yours and yours alone week after week, month after month or even year after year?

Dagos sa Bikol! Dagos sales via your advertising here in the CAAP Naga National Airport with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP.

New Legazpi Airport. New Advertising Opportunities.

The renovation and completion of the ‘new’ Legazpi National Airport ushers in additional and great Out-of-Home Advertising opportunities IN and OUT the terminal buildings.

Check out the new batch of ad efforts made available this 2009 summer, as follows:

OUTDOOR A. Perimeter Pana Signages B. Waiting Shed LightBoxes C. Wall Façade LightBoxes D. Terminal Decal Wrap INDOOR E. Arrival/Baggage Claim LightBox (Additional) F. Café Decal Wrap G. Window Decal Wrap H. Pre-Departure LightBox (Additional)

I. Pre-Departure Decal Wrap J. eARTISTSHOPglobal NDS TV module and K. Baggage Claim Conveyor Skirting Decal for your advertising pleasure.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the country’s foremost OOH media provider in the country, is again growing with the airport and the business it looks forward to generate with its continued equity build up through its Local Area Partners and Offices in the FOURTEEN (14) provinces/locations around the country it is in operation.

Be part of it all as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP grows with the airports.

Daraga is 8 O’Clock

Recognizing the strategic location of the Daraga Municipal Public Market series of buildings, The Coca Cola Company, the maker of 8 O’clock Juice Drink, Out-of-Home advertising via awning merchandising materials were activated.

Tactical as it is, the campaign is a forerunner to how advertising may be implemented as what TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, Daraga Public Market AOR, has designed these OH advertising opportunities.

The beauty of how the series of public market buildings are set up is they are all along the key thoroughfare J. Rizal Street and this municipality serves as gateway to the City of Legazpi which is a mere SIX (6) kms away.

The opening of McDonalds’, Jollibee, 24-hour Mercury, Southstar Drug, etc. in this CBD area is but an indication of how much potential the Municipality of Daraga has in terms of growth and significance in commerce.

So take your pick from the various TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH ad efforts in place: Billboards, Façade Billboard Signages, Roman Streamer, LightBoxes or Awnings at Public Market Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4. Or, why not all? This Daraga Public Market is in the center of it all anyway.

Dagos sa Legaspi

Announcing the availability of the security railing divider of the CAAP Legazpi National Airport.

Usually reserved to streamers welcoming dignitaries arriving in the City of Legazpi, this airport location has been allowed contracted long-term by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP.

Welcoming every incoming passenger as soon as one exits the ARRIVAL/Baggage Claim Area it is set right in front for all to see.

Measuring horizontally from end to end 1.2 x 13m, your product advertising and/on event announcement shall be for all incoming passengers to know.

Short-, medium- and long-term contract periods have been set with flexibility and usage/application practicality in mind.

So here’s your chance to say ‘Dagos’ (local term for welcome!) to each home-coming Bikolano or 1st-time tourist — local or foreign.

For whatever reason they are in Legazpi for, it matters not really. What counts however is your product advertising hit them hard and when it most matters.

Dagos sa Legazpi. Dagos more sales with your advertising.

Sarap Ajinomoto Sa Daraga

In continuance to own this new Daraga Public Market, the Building 4 streamering OOH effort campaign was updated by Ajinomoto.

Comprising of FIVE (5) materials, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP activated, as follows: Ajinomoto-100 yrs of Sarap ng Umami; Ginisa All-In-One Seasoning Mix, Secret Sangkap, Sinigang sa Sampalok and Crispy Fry Breading Mix.

As a newly-built public market structure building, it is set at corner of Regidor and J. Rizal Streets thereby allowing TWO (2) separate sides to display these double-faced streamers measuring 1x3m VERTICALLY set totalling to SEVENTEEN (17) pcs

Not only are these Roman Streamers visible to public market patrons and their locators, even day-day passersby are its constant viewers.

For, being set in the CBD, this building is part of a series of public market structures with multi-purpose use.

The opening of McDonald’s and Jollibee is just part of the massive development expected here.

Check it out why your products/services deserve to be here. Check out why Ajinomoto has put so much premium in the Daraga Public Market.

Fly High in Sales and Advertising in Naga

For so long, advertising in the passenger area of Camarines Sur’s main airport terminal has been deprioritized and its permits put on hold.

This was naturally expected for priority on operations and security together with the re-building of the whole terminal building complex were simply more important.

With all set up, we announce the availability of OOH advertising at the Naga National Airport where all have been asking for.

Check out all the numerous Lightbox units allowed and soon in place for the departing passengers to see for at least FORTY-FIVE (45) minutes prior each flight. A total of THREE (3) 40×60” SMALL units and THREE (3) 4×8’ LARGE units are available to choose from.

BACK-illuminated, they are either HORIZONTALLY or VERTICALLY set up depending on space and set up/location.

So, as you bid airline passengers a safe trip after a Naga City visit, say hello to your sales and profits.

A warm Mabalos sa Pagbisita, a cheerful hello to your marketing efforts through your Naga National Airport Advertising.

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