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Add eMOTION Into Your In-store Advertising

eBUZZ MD Aldo Window
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Sarap Ajinamoto sa Daraga

In continuance to own this new Daraga Public Market, the Building 4 streamering OOH effort campaign was updated by Ajinomoto.

Comprising of FIVE (5) materials, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP activated, as follows: Ajinomoto-100 yrs of sarap ng Umami; Ginisa All-In-One Seasoning Mix, Secret Sangkap Sinigang sa Sampalok and Crispy Fry Breading Mix.

As a newly-built public market structure building, it is set at corner of Regidor and J. Rizal Streets thereby allowing TWO (2) separate sides to display these double-faced streamers measuring 1x3m VERTICALLY set totalling to SEVENTEEN (17) pcs

Not only are these Roman Streamers visible to public market patrons and their locators, even day-day passersby are its constant viewers.

For, being set in the CBD, this building is part of a series of public market structures with multi-purpose use.

The opening of McDonald’s and Jollibee is just part of the massive development expected here.

Check it out why your products/services deserve to be here. Check out why Ajinomoto has put so much premium in the Daraga Public Market.

PAYLESS, Get More!

In the new Tarlac City Downtown Public Market, you PAYLESS, Get More! as what the new advertising campaign says.

As its sponsor for this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Public Market Out-of-Home property, PAYLESS has been granted visual ownership via the activation of Awning merchandising materials for so long in compliance with the specifications set within the Good Housekeeping Program: CLEAN PUBLIC MARKET POLICY.

This Downtown Public Market, being located right in the Center of the Tarlac City Central Business District is surrounded by FOUR (4) key streets: F. Tañedo, C. Santos, Ancheta and M.H. Del Pilar all perfect for Awning activation.

Everyday public market patrons together with the regular passersby have a full view of these awnings.

Check out how you and your products may enjoy the media mileage and impact Payless is getting through these OOH Awning advertising here in the new Tarlac Downtown Public Market.

De Clutter Your Counters as You Put Them in eMotion

b nyfd_declutter

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eBUZZ DeClutter bpi

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