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Naga Airport. Advertising Festival

Once the Out-of-home advertising units that TBPI/ARTISTSHOP shall be setting up here in the newly-renovated CAAP Naga National Airport are all up, its gonna be a festival.

From the OUTDOOR (A) Security Tollgate (B) Post Roman Streamers (C) Trilateral Duratrans (D) Security Railing Divider Streamer (E) Billboard (F) Building Glass Wrap to the INDOOR (G) Arrival LightBox (H) Arrival/Baggage Claim LightBox (I) Pre-Departure LightBox (J) TVmodule, you can have your choice spot here in this terminal airport that has enjoyed an unprecedented rise of 3x weekly flight merely to 6x daily schedule.

A sleepy terminal that wakes up only 1x per year during the September Penafrancia Festival month, everyday is a festival nowadays many thanks to CWC Wakeboarding, plane loads of local and foreign tourists trap in and out of this terminal… believe it or not!

The opening of SM City Naga is another reason + the development of Caramoan as the ‘new’ Boracay all add up to the renewed interest and vigor here.

Advertising in the new CAAP Naga Airport has never been this fun- and worth your every peso ad spend.

Something Different. Something The Same.

Have you dropped by the Rizal Park at the Legazpi CBD lately?

For if you have, surely you should’ve noticed the development in this entertainment area of the City.

LCC, the foremost local retail outlet and pioneer mall of Bikol, is setting up its Food Court EXPRESS to cater to the hungry needs of the churchgoers, students and gimmick goers altogether of the Rizal Park and the Bichara Cinema and Entertainment Center.

Area being a terminal also for jeepneys and tricycles adds up to the frenzy of the park day long and night time.

And just across all this is the prime TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Out-Of-Home advertising billboard

wall-mounted on the side of the Multibrand Building, with a size: 24 x 40’ and illuminated from 6:00 to 9:00PM, there is just no way one can miss the spot when here.

So, shouldn’t your ad be on display here by now?

With the opening of the LCC Food Court EXPRESS, there is something definitely different coming up as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP offers you the same high-impact advertising just the same.

eARTISTSHOPglobal Bag Tag

eARTISTSHOPglobal 3D Calendar

Something Big is Coming Up

If you have been to the Legazpi City area, you’d surely know what we mean by saying that there’s something really big coming up…

and it’s a welcome change for you and manufacturers, distributors and advertisers altogether.

We’re talking of no less than the 2nd Level of the Daraga Public Market Building 4 that is to be ‘re-built’ as a modern complex for retail.

Right at the heart of the Central Business District, it shall command a most strategic convergence zone for retail added with the convenience of other commodities available by the other public market buildings/complexes.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as a long-time Agency On Record for advertising and merchandising here in the Daraga Public Market through a TEN (10)-year MOA, once more announces the availability (and development of new OOH ad units) in connection to this new development.

Being rushed for completion this month: SEPTEMBER when Daraga celebrates its Fiesta, you can be all part of it. However, now’s the time to call in your bookings.

Cebu. Always Listening, Always Understanding. Always.

As part of its national campaign in the key international (and domestic) airports, PRULife UK likewise contracted the Aerobridges of Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Cebu, as the 2nd air terminal of the Philippines, was a no brainer and its activation was just a matter of time.

As with Davao International Airport, TWO (2) display units were also contracted with the single-mindedness of hitting departing or arriving airlplane passengers.

Cebu with more international and domestic flights than Davao is expected by PRULife to boost its campaign: PRULife UK. Always Listening, Always Understanding.

How about you? Do you have any advertising plans for the airports? Do feel free to let us know how we may be of help here in Cebu or Davao as we have helped PRULife UK. Or, in any of the TWENTY-FOUR (24) airport terminal contracts we have around the country. We’re just a phone call away.