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Proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System: AIRPORTchannel, MIAA

Proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System: UNIVERSITYchannel, College of the Holy Spirit Manila

Proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System: STOREchannel, Brothers Burger

Proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System: PAWNSHOPchannel, M Luillier

Proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal Narrowcast Display System: COFFEEchannel, La Mia Tazza


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De-Clutter Your Display as You Put Them in eMotion


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T3 Advertising

Contrary to misconceptions (or is misinformation), these eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY ad system are available for display of your products/services ads.

Yes, they are for rent… right from the very start they were allowed installed by MIAA in T3.

Proprietary, these non-trad and active LightBox display system has been activated by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in its capacity as the MIAA Airport Development and Corporate Affairs Agency On Record for its PR Campaign : SMILE.

That what is displayed are sequential imagery of the NAIA. We go the Extra Smile! campaign, these actually may be replaced with your ads as its PR Campaign Sponsor.

Check out the initial locations at the Pre-departure, Arrival and Baggage Claim Areas. These can be your ads — or, anywhere else at T3 as its Sponsor.

More importantly, the rates are far more reasonable to be in this newest Manila air terminal used primarily by Cebu Pacific the past year.

So, which part of T3 do you want your ads in play?

Truck/Transit Advertising Bikol Express

Time and again, you could catch a glimpse of an OOH ad truck roaming the streets of key Bikol streets of Naga, Legazpi, Sorsogon or Daet.

That’s time and again… and a rarity really.

This is because, while roving truck advertising is a most-impactful and –sought medium, there are no local providers.

Not anymore! For, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is bringing in its Transit Advertising Group and operations to Bikol.

Through its Local Area Offices in Area 1: LEGAZPI/SORSOGON/TABACO and Area 2: NAGA/PILI, costs and logistical concerns were recently addressed to allow Roving Truck Advertising locally. Gone then are the days when ad trucks have to be driven to Bikol from Manila (that’s 500kms. single way)!

Moreso, with Mt. Mayon, Butanding, CWC Wakeboarding, Caramoan, Penafrancia and Ibalong Festivals + opening of the 1st SM in Bikol, advertising here around these areas has never been that equitable.

See how gayon your Bikol your sales and profits can be with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Roving Truck Advertising here.

T2 Advertising

Yes, these MOTION DISPLAY ad system is up for advertising rental.

These proprietary and non-trad ad system used for the NAIA. We go the Extra Smile PR Campaign are actually available for rent contrary to belief that this is exclusively for Manila International Airport Authority use.

The PR Campaign: SMILE actually of NAIA is an image-building effort that is open to sponsorship and support from interested advertisers.

In exchange, valuable media mileage is afforded to the Sponsor in being in a most sought and prime Out-Of-Home property.

And the beauty of it all is… the sponsorship rates have been designed not to cost you an arm and a leg as compared to traditional and/or regular adspaces in place.

So how about it? Now that you know, where do you want your ads be displayed here in T2 through this proprietary eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY ad system.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the AOR for the NAIA PR Campaign: SMILE can surely help bring your ads in this prime Manila Airport exclusively used by Philippine Airlines.