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Globe Locks in on Prime OOH Advertising Property

Globe Telecom contracted very recently the Bicol University ARCADIA prime billboard advertising property of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP in the Daraga CBD. Strategically set along main thoroughfare J.Rizal Street, it is within compound of commercial complex owned by the country 3rd largest State University that is school to thousands of elementary, high school, college even up to post-graduate students.

Fronting the series of FOUR (4) public market buildings, a wide Client mix is expected to be hit by Globe through this out-of-home advertising .

And with the TWENTY-FOUR (24)-hour convenience and drugstores that abound the area plus McDo and Jollibee around, this scenario completes the clear and big picture rationale behind the selection of this prime spot by Globe Telecom for their campaign: Globe Tattoo IMMORTALTXT.

Notwithstanding the Daraga Fiesta being month: SEPTEMBER, this CBD’s resurgence has been catalyst to a lot of new businesses mushrooming in the past year and years to come.

What a beauty, this Globe advertising is in Daragang Magayon as it tattoos itself to the minds of the target market for immortality.

Coming Soon, Very Soon


As you can see, re-structuring of a current Out-of-Home billboard is being rushed to meet the fiesta of the Municipality of Daraga. As was announced earlier, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Area 1 LEGAZPI/SORSOGON/TABACO Local Area Partner is adding more outdoor advertising sites to meet the growing need at the CBD when the opening of McDo and Jollibee triggered the surge of business opportunities long overdue here. In fact, a local mall is in the thick of completing and opening within this year: 2009

— an ambitious deadline they set among themselves and which the locals are eagerly waiting for.

As we soon complete this new TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH site, we shall move on to our next billboard contract locations here.

Do let us know of your plans for your outdoor billboards here or in any of the FOURTEEN (14) provincial Areas we are in. Surely we could be of help if you allow us to.

Advertising, at the Center of Attention

With the recent activation of the 40×60” LightBox at the center of the Baggage Claim conveyor system of the Arrival Building of the renovated Legazpi National Airport, your OOH ad image will most likely be at the center of attention.

Considering that there is a FIFTEEN (15)-minute wait to unload checked-in baggages from the plane and distributed in the conveyor belt for pick up, being in the center of it all is the best thing you can ask for with your ad placement.

With back illumination, this will add up to the impact your ad material shall be receiving in every flight once passengers wait in anticipation to claim their baggages.

Seeing is fully understanding what we are trying to tell you but why wait until you’ve seen it? By then it might be all too late for there is only but ONE (1) unit allowed by the Legazpi National Airport Authority. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

So what say you?