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Another Coming Soon, Very Soon

As part of the long term Beautification and Good Housekeeping contract program in the Daraga Public Market at this CBD just 6kms away from Legazpi City, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is once more building another Out-Of-Home billboard structure.

Check out this 20×40’ HORIZONTAL structure as we make final activation works in the next weeks and rush its completion in time for the month: OCTOBER Ibalong Festival celebration of the City of Legazpi. You see, Daraga is the gateway to the City from Sorsogon, Naga and of course, Manila.

This year’s Ibalong shall be special as the City celebrates its 50th year of founding.

More so, immediately after festival is the expected All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day commemoration wherein the City’s populace quadruples in that surge of balikbayans and simply Manila workers wanting to come home come 01 November for a visit.

Wouldn’t you want then your ad image displayed here when all these happen? You can even extend and own this prime site at the Daraga Public Market Building 1 until Christmas and New Year. Not bad, right? Now you know what’s coming up, very soon again here!

Kay Sarap sa Lipa

Ala eh, oo nga naman, add Mama Sita Oyster Sauce and you’ll have a dish na kay sarap. In Lipa, Batangas, Mama Sita has just added its Sarap Advertising Campaign in the prime TBPI/ARTISTSHOP property of Lipa Public Market. That this Out-Of-Home bilboard structure is merely 20 x 36’ in size, its impact is immeasurable for this is the only advertising signage in place this particular public market building.

Not only that, it offers a head-on vista even as far back the main road of Pres. Katigbak Avenue which is 400m+ away.

For if you are driving or on your way to this public market, this Mama Sita Oyster Sauce Kay Sarap billboard is ever visible the moment you lay eyes on the building until you get to it.

Its being illuminated from 6:00PM up everyday all adds up to the value and mileage of this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP billboard where the tricycle/pedicab, jeepney stop and terminal are situated + the next corner is the “Bagsakan” that springs to life at sundown until sun up of the next day.

Kay sarap talaga ng Mama Sita advertising dilto sa Lipa Public Market Billboard of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP. Check with us our other prime ad locations here or in other Batangas public markets. Our Area 10: BATANGAS Local Area Partner will be more than glad to show you around, ala eh.

ARTISTSHOPcares ONDOY Volunteer Work

NF ARTISTSHOPcares Ondoy Volunteer Work

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Support ADCA be in M.I.A.A.


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Post Your Ads Literally

See those electric light posts spread out all over the open parking area of the Naga National Airport? You could post your roman streamers here this time of Peñafrancia Festival…and beyond.

Yes, your 1x3m VERTICAL streamers can be posted in this airport. With a newly-renovated terminal building, this airport has reinvigorated itself as Naga City has grown tenfolds with the annual religious Peñafrancia Festival, opening of SM City Naga, CWC Wakeboarding and Caramoan.

Strategically set in the parking area island dividers, these FIFTEEN (15) posts once activated with back-to-back streamers will greet every incoming passenger as soon as they step out of terminal upon arrival. The well-wishers on the other hand of departing and arriving passengers are likewise surely to see these OOH streamers. And, with the usual flight delays your ad mileage is extended everytime.

So starting this Peñafrancia Festival, post your ads in these Naga National Airport posts and post more sales, more profits here.

Naga Airport Perimeter Advertising

As the tourists and guests continue coming in and out of the CAAP Naga National Airport, Outdoor Out-of-Home advertising demand has gone up, up and up.

The yearly pilgrimage to the Lady of Peñafrancia is just but once a year. This was then the highlight for the City and the only time the airport terminal sprung to life.

But this was then. For now, Naga has the CWC Wakeboarding and Caramoan + SM City Naga to thank for for its month to month special interest to the City.

Coming in or out, these new TBPI/ARTISTSHOP panaflex advertising units along the perimeter fence of the open parking area shall be highly visible once within the airport terminal of Naga airport. And when targeting departing passengers and their well-wishers, the ONE (1)-hour check in time and SOP waiting period is more than enough time for your ads to do its marketing thing. Only SIX (6) units 4 x 16.5’ HORIZONTAL format allowed however.

So whatever plans you have for Naga, perhaps these new TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH panaflex ad units is just what you are looking for.

Missed Opportunities!

Starting today, the next batch of airplane passengers – coming in or flying out, shall be all viewing your airport advertising…that is, had you already contracted these OOH LightBox units in the newly-refurbished Naga National Airport terminal in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Be it at the Hallway and Baggage Claim Arrival Areas or the Passengers Holding Lounge Pre-departure Area, these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH lightBoxes have been strategically set-up to hit your every target market within the terminal every time.

Our Local Area Partner for Area 2: NAGA rushed the activations just in time for this year’s 2009 Peñafrancia Festival celebrations that will run for the duration of month: SEPTEMBER.

But then again, there’s SM City Naga, CWC Wakeboarding and Caramoan as just valid reasons to put your adspend here in this Naga National Airport and the various TBPI/ ARTISTSHOP OOH ad efforts.

So, a missed opportunity then? Yes, for now, but not for long if you move now…as in now na!

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