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NAIA T3, Now More in Motion

If you are whiling your time before your scheduled take off after checking in and being assigned your departure gate + boarding time at the cluster of coffee and food shops, surely you wouldn’t miss the new eARTISTSHOPglobal MOTION DISPLAY ad system very recently set up here.

As a proprietary technology exclusively made available here in the Philippines by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, this ad system has been activated for the NAIA Airport Development and Corporate Affairs of which TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is the Agency On Record for the T1,T2,T3 Complex-wide NAIA. We go the Extra Smile! signature campaign.

As the only active display medium in the prime airport terminals of NAIA, THREE (3) sequential imagery is constantly on display in each unit for the viewing airport patron’s pleasure every time.

The Smiling Airport as an advocacy PR campaign of A.D.C.A. is a sponsorship effort open to all well-meaning brands and corporations. This Christmas or all-year long in the next year or years, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP welcomes you to any of the NAIA Complex terminals.

Sarap Na Hanap-Hanapin, Nahanap Na!

As Mang Inasal continues its relentless growth country-wide, Legazpi City, the “Sarap na Hahanap-Hanapin” has finally been found as the 1st store opened here recently.

This long-anticipated opening of a local Mang Inasal finally answered the Legazpeños wish that their traveling to Naga City which is ONE HUNDRED (100) + kms. will finally come to an end just to have the unique Pinoy inasal taste. The 1st of several stores eyed in area opened at the Old Albay Capitol District where the city and provincial government offices are, public park, sports complex, educational institutions and churches of various denomination are situated together with all the restaurants. It was but natural that Mang Inasal booked TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH billboard property which is just a mere FIVE HUNDRED (500) meters away from where it is.

As with Mang Inasal, various national brands and chain of restos are lined up for opening here in Legazpi City. TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the foremost OOH media provider, shall have a billboard site at your choice. Do let us know of your plans for, that we are building new billboards as fast as we can, the City Ordinance limiting its size and location to avoid vista obstruction of Mayon Volcano is strictly enforced and which we are compelled to abide with.

A Fresh 5 Years

The local City government of Tarlac and TBPI/ARTISTSHOP turned a new leaf recently with the signing of the renewal Memorandum of Agreement for the ONE (1) and only Tarlac Pedestrian Overpass. The FIVE (5)-year renewal contract whereby TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is once more assigned as the Agency On Record of this prime advertising OOH property.

Strict Good Housekeeping Program: CLEAN PEDESTRIAN OVERPASS POLICY is expected no less by the City of Tarlac day-on-day.

Set across the MacArthur Highway, the 4 x 20’ HORIZONTAL LightBoxes set against the side walls of the overpass structure is for every vehicular and foot traffic to see on both north and south directions. Strategically in between the TWO (2) main malls of the City: SM City Tarlac and Robinson’s Luisita, it’s a most ideal OOH ad property depending on which market you want to hit. Photos show recent renewal MOA signing between Hon. ARO MENDOZA, Tarlac Mayor, and Mr. TITO LORETE ALCALA’, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP President, as witnessed by Miss ELAINE V. ANTOLIN, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, VP, Marketing, and Mr. CHARLIE ANTONIO, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, Area 9: TARLAC Local Area Coordinator.

Tarlac Downtown Public Market M.O.A. Signing

The official signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Tarlac and TBPI/ARTISTSHOP was held at the Tarlac City Hall.

In attendance were Hon. Mayor ARO MENDOZA and Mr. OSCAR BONDOC, Public Market Administrator of Tarlac City together with Mr. TITO LORETE ALCALA’, President, Miss ELAINE V. ANTOLIN, VP, Marketing and Mr. CHARLIE ANTONIO, Local Area Coordinator of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP.
With the signing, SP 245 shall now be enforced in full by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as its Agency On Record for the proper implementation of the Good Housekeeping Program: CLEAN PUBLIC MARKET POLICY.

Designed to primarily protect the massive investment the City of Tarlac has spent in putting up this modern public market, the year-on-year set programs are opportunities actually for advertising, merchandising and promotions here for interested brands and companies — within the bounds and parameters of the de-cluttering and/or putting order into the house.

So, any plans in 2010 concerning public market as an OOH property? Now’s the best time to sit down with us.

Don’t you go, Don’t you go to Far Zamboanga!

As the old folks and the young once among us would sing, this is how the popular song in Zamboanga goes.Not if you are in advertising ? especially most if you are in Out-Of-Home advertising.You see, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as part of its nation-wide anticipation of the growing demand for advertising in the provincial airports, have started rehabilitating and beefing up its properties starting with the south as it moves back Manila.Naturally, Zamboanga was the initial staging of this undertaking.

Historically, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH property of Zamboanga National Airport dates back still at the height of the TelCo war of Smart and Globe. And from that year on, local advertisers have taken over the OOH sites. Lately however, there has been an upsurge of national advertising and interest has been at its highest.

It is for this reason TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has embarked in this rehab and expansion program, as we call it. So, does your national business interest bring you as far south? Now’s the time to go as far Zamboanga. Count on it. TBPI/ARTISTSHOP will be there with you.

Palawan is Next

As we wrap up simultaneous activations in the national airports of the City of Naga and City of Legazpi in Bikol, we focus next on yet another tourist destination that has had its airport terminal rehabilitated with new facilities added on.

Announcing TBPI/ARTISTSHOP new advertising Out-of-Home efforts in the Palawan National Airport!

From the ARRIVAL A baggage claim all the way to the DEPARTURE B check-in and C pre-departure holding Area and even OUTDOOR D Waiting Shed area + E Post Roman Streamering, our OOH ad efforts shall be strategically set to best hit your captive advertising target markets.

Long overdue, this Palawan National Airport has been finally completed.

So, if your interest to advertise in our Naga and Legazpi Airports was high due to their being tourist destinations, surely Palawan shall rank as high ? or, even more, what with the world-famous Subterranean River, Tubattaha Reef, Calauit Sanctuary, etc. etc.

Be part then on the next big thing in airport advertising!

Stem Cell Therapy in Cebu International Airport

Dermclinic,a skin care specialist, recently booked an OOH advertising contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP thru its property: Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Set atop ONE (1) of the TWO (2) waiting shed facilities in the international departure terminal, it is just across the drop off area where well-wishers and departing passengers linger to say goodbye.

Advertising its Stem Cell Therapy product and services, Dermclinic targets the Cebu airport’s international market primarily. Since however this 6 x 25’ TBPI/ARTISTSHOP waiting shed OOH is along complex access road that leads to the domestic terminal drop off station, local market is likewise hit every time. A wise decision indeed. Hitting TWO (2) birds in ONE (1) stone.

So, wanting to advertise here in the Mactan-Cebu International Airport to target departing international or local market heading out to various domestic destinations? There’s another waiting shed ad opportunity waiting for you.

MCIAA Waiting Shed – Cebu Lechon

Other than its world-famous guitars, Magellans cross, Sinulog, Otap, dried mango, Cebu is as well known for its lechon.

So distinct and unique in taste (and in the “absence” of lechon sauce), Cebu lechon has become a special fare in any special occasion ? as pasalubong or even being flown in. Here at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, having that famous Cebu lechon is as convenient as being just across the Pre-departure Terminal building of the International and Domestic check-in areas.

Remember the waiting shed OOH property of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP here? Well, this has been half converted as an outlet for a famous Cebu Lechon. Soon, this area will reinvent itself but surely its equity as an advertising property shall multiply. Just imagine all the people lining up to sample and pirchase lechon all facing your OOH billboard all visible at daylight and fully front-lit come night time.

With the Christmas Season coming up and Sinulog Festival to follow come month: JANUARY, now’s the best time to lock this site up and take a bite of the captive market here in the 2nd key airport terminal of the country.