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Billboard Advertising Na Hindi Kailangan Hanap-Hanapin Pa

In support to the TWO (2) stores of Mang Inasal in Naga City ? the capital city for business, pleasure and religion (Bicol, actually), in Camarines Sur province, Mang Inasal unveiled their Out-Of-Home advertising here in TBPI/ARTISTSHOP billboard property right in the heart of the CBD.

At 30 x 50’ this is ONE (1) of the TWO (2) hottest outdoor billboard property sites of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP.

Right smack in the middle of the original Naga Central Business District where all things still happen day on day, this Mang Inasal billboard advertising hovers over the parks and ____ surrounded by everything and anything from banks, schools, churches, restos, department stores, convenience stores, hotels, malls, cinemas, offices, public market, drugstore, tiangge, etc. etc. etc.

You’ve got to know the place to even appreciate what we are talking about. But believe you me,

there is more to Naga than just Peñafrancia Festival which only happens every September.

So, while Mang Inasal’s campaign is “Sarap na hahanap-hanapin mo!” this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP billboard property hindi kailangan hanap-hanapin. Kitang-kita.

Catch the New Wave Of Ooh Advertising In Blue Wave

Is your target market for advertising a coffee drinker or a pizza lover? Well, our additional LightBox ad units are just what you and your brand need.

Totaling to FOUR (4) units facing each other, TWO (2) are facing the al fresco diners of Pizza Hut while the other TWO (2) are most visible to the Starbucks Coffee addicts.

Moreso, since this area is actually the main entrance that serves as passage way of the Blue Wave Mall, you have 8,090 of the foot traffic count as your ad materials captive audience. That the SM Mall of Asia is the main destination in this area, not everyone prefers to go there. Altogether, this mall has its own market ? and fiercely loyal at that.

So day or night, from mall opening to closing, let these 40 x 60” LightBox units be your advertising tool to hit that Blue Wave market wave after wave.