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Makati Jollijeep! A Lifestyle Salon?

Why not? This has been what we have been telling you again and again and again after all!

We’re not saying that the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) units of Manong and Manang OPERATORS have been converted or providing salon services all of a sudden.

What we meant was that these food stalls are actually Out-Of-Home advertising billboards spread all over Legaspi and Salcedo Villages. And as the premiere central business district of the country, wouldn’t you want your ads be here, there and everywhere?

Also, as a most-regulated area, no other advertising nor merchandising above ground allowed. If you haven’t noticed that yet, try going around and you’ll know what we mean. Better yet, try posting your ads here and see what happens next.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the marketing and advertising Agency On Record for this Makati JOLLIJEEP Livelihood Program, can officially post your ads here for the thousands of daily employees, visitors, guests, drivers, etc.

So, is your product or services not a food item? No worries. These Makita mini billboards are just what you need to advertise here. Call us before your competitors do.

A Fresh Look at the Makati Jollijeeps!

If you are a regular in the Makati Central Business District at the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages, you’d clearly notice a “fresh look” here.

Surely then you’d be asking what a facial and surgical center is doing advertising here in the Makati livelihood food stalls? Have Manang and Manong OPERATORS all of a sudden become dermatologists and/or beauty specialists?

Of course not! This however is exactly what we have been saying that these ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls are actually Out-Of-Home advertising mini billboards right smack in the most-restricted area of Makati City.

Perhaps until now you still do not believe us when we say advertising (even merchandising) is prohibited in this Ayala prime property. Well, try even posting a sticker. Go ahead and see what happens.

However just like Fresh Look FACIAL & SURGICAL CENTER, your ads may be officially activated. Call us today, for, as the JOLLIJEEP Agency On Record, that’s exactly what we’re allowed… officially. Now what proof do we still have to show you that the JOLLIJEEP is not just for food ads? Perhaps when you see your competitors products/services advertising you’d finally pay attention to what we have been saying afterall.

Iloilo Airport Pre-departure Advertising

Have you long been eyeing the Iloilo International Airport pre-departure area as an Out-Of-Home advertising property as soon as its new world-class terminal complex was transferred here at Santa Barbara, Iloilo?

Finally you can put your ad campaign into action, right now.

TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as the Agency On Record for OOH advertising of the national airport authority, is opening up this airport terminal’s passengers holding area for OOH advertising.

With ad efforts ranging from various sizes of 40×60” to 5×10’ and non-traditional decal wraps advertising, you as an advertiser shall have the best options as per your adspend preference or as budget allows.

Are you then targeting out-going passengers of Iloilo to Manila or to any other destination? This one’s for you! Considering that the airport authority mandates holding of outgoing passengers a good FORTY-FIVE (45) minutes here, having your ad efforts noticed shouldn’t even be the least of your problems. For advertising here is as good as having a pre-departure guarantee that your sales and profits is bound for a take off.

PHARMA Advertising at Jollijeep!

For the longest time we have been harping that these ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) food stalls of the Makati CBD are indeed Out-Of-Home advertising billboard opportunities.

That for the longest time, this call of ours as its Agency On Record for these JOLLIJEEPS, as fondly called by the thousands of day and night patrons who work and happen to visit the business center of Makati, has been left unheeded.

Yes, it’s a food stall by design and ideally decal ads displayed on its body should be food-related, especially those carried or used by the Manang or Manong OPERATORS.

However, as we have been stressing, the City of Makati has long allowed ad materials beyond food or services carried by OPERATOR. Meaning, these food stalls are actually Out-Of-Home mini billboard advertising opportunities in the Makati Central Business District where anything related to merchandising, marketing, promotions + advertising closely monitored for technically disallowed. Simply put, these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP food stall ads are an exception to the rule. This is a no-brainer!

We thank therefore Sangobion with its “Be A Sangobion Mommy!” pharmaceutical OTC campaign targeting moms in the CBD for their open-mindedness, vision and daring to take advantage of the JOLLIJEEPs. So, are you a pharma company? OTC or ethical, your competitor has already gotten one over you! What are you waiting for?