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Business education is bringing itself to a new level…and location in Makati. That is what TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s newest Out-Of-Home advertising Client is saying as it booked an advertising contract at the Makati CBDs busiest (therefore most prime) underground pedestrian underpass at Paseo de Roxas. We’re referring to the new FEU Makati located at Gil J. Puyat Avenue corner Zuellig Loop. With a daily estimate foot traffic of EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND (88,000), the selection of this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH LightBox location over its other underground walkway properties crossing the Ayala Avenue was a sound choice day and night. For historically and statistically, this underground passageway serves as the main foot traffic artery connecting the Legaspi and Salcedo Villages that is strategically divided by the Ayala Avenue. So, as FEU Makati is taking advantage of the optimal exposure of its call for enrollment advertising, you too can enjoy the same medium mileage for your products/services. Call for a walk thru and know why FEU Makati sees this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP property as a wise business decision for its business education courses in the heart of the City’s financial district.

Davao Airport, Always Listening, Understanding

As an outdoor advertising medium, this PruLife U.K. ad decals set at the external sidewalls of the bridges, they are most visible to departing passengers while in the passenger holding lounge of the pre-departure area. It is as visible to the passengers arriving at this Davao Airport — international or domestic. As you see, this aerobridge connects the plane to the terminal building whether coming in or flying out.

This PruLife contract renewal is nothing but a resounding testament to the value of said OOH property of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP here in Davao being the 3rd air terminal of th country next only to Manila and Cebu.

You been wanting to advertise in these airport aerobridges yet never knowing how to go about it from airport to airport? Let us therefore help you in your airport OOH needs from aerobridges to whatever.

Just like PruLife, we are always listening, always understanding… and always ready to deliver the solutions to your advertising needs in the airports.

Paradigm Shift

Yes, paradigm shift is what you need in viewing these food stalls all around the City of Makati.

Launched in year: 2003, today it numbers to THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) all in all assigned to the CBD originally of the Legaspi and Salcedo Villages, then in a smaller version around Pasong Tamo, Buendia, Estrella , J.P. Rizal, etc. Indeed it’s a food stall for primarily a Livelihood Program of the City to help the Manang and Manong OPERATORS on their day to day selling and distribution of their cooked food and related items. But then, advertising was allowed thru display of decals directly mounted on stall walls + merchandising and efforts authorized. Located in a much-monitored and -regulated CBD and minimum 170,000+ daily eyeball/exposure to a captive market, these stalls are actually Out-Of-Home advertising efforts. Non-trad as they are for the Ad Industry cannot even categorize them, the fact remains they are the primest of prime OOH ad sites.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Uncover then the many advertising potentials these food stalls can help your products/services. All it requires is a little paradigm shift from your end. As this Makati Livelihood Program AOR, let us help you see things differently of our non-trad Makati JOLLIJEEPs.


That’s a lot of eyes looking at your ads every time. That’s what you’re getting every time at the least by placing your ads in our mobile food stalls right in the heart of the Makati CBD. And, as what we have been telling you after all the  time is that these ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) JOLLIJEEP units are actually Out-Of-Home advertising units.

Opportunities, as rare as can be, considering that they are situated in a most-regulated CBD of Makati’s Salcedo and Legaspi Villages.

By the way, the 170,000+ eyeballs only account for the daytime regular office workers, businessmen, guests/visitors of the business capital of the Philippines. Exclusive yet are the hits to be quantified and qualified for the night time knowing that Makati is the call center capital as well. That’ll be a bonus for you! At 70.75×94.45”, these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP roadside decals are “mini billboards” for obviously larger than the 1x3m post streamers, 40×60” LightBoxes that are allowed only outside the CBD per se or underground. 170,000+ eyeballs per image for an OOH property? Not bad, eh!

For as they say, advertising is about location, location… and, location.