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DPWH Is At It Again

It’s all over print, radio and TV that DPWH is once more after those ads at EDSA including that of MRT.
That’s bad news considering that EDSA, being a major artery to and from various business districts of Manila, is a prime venue for Out-of-Home advertising. Long a battleground for tactical advertising or marketing, it is as strategic for EDSA serves as access going in or out of CBDs where thousands of go to offices and malls everyday. Just look at all the billboard, roman streamer and transit advertisings around.

So is it finally bye-bye for OOH advertising for now? Maybe not but then again perhaps! Whatever, here in the Makati CBD, this is of no concern for you as an advertiser. For you can actually have your OOH mini billboards right smack in the country’s business and financial capital notwithstanding its Ayala Mall being here.

Worry not therefore if you lost the grand opportunity of talking and hitting your target market on the way to or off from work or entertainment. For with our TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Makati CBD OOH mini billboards at the Salcedo and Legazpi Villages, your ads will be actually where the action is, where it matters whole day and night long…not just being passed on by. There are only FIFTY-SIX (56) available of the ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) units in place.

Now’s the time to move…and move fast to a better solution to your advertising or marketing efforts.


On the occasion of its 26th year, TBPI/The ARTISTSHOP Company, inc. commemorated its founding with a day-long schedule of activities at the La Mesa Eco Park and Nature Reserve. Located at the fringes of Quezon City, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP aptly celebrated its anniversary here as per its thematic : ARTISTSHOP 1984-2010 Puno ng Buhay 26.

As an Advertising DESIGN Agency since 1984, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been a source of livelihood for the generations of ARTISTSHOPpers and, on its 26th year, is still growing strong, and has been giving back to society and mother nature the gift of life and the wondrous blessings via its advocacy program: ARTISTSHOPcares thru the years.

31st July, 2010, started with a Thanksgiving Mass at St. Peter’s Parish and was followed by a series of fun-filled team-building activities spread out the day. The highlight however was the tree-planting ceremony which was dedicated to the every TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s valued Clients, business partners and friends… and named in their honor.

As again as thru the years, we thank you for the continued trust in TBPI/ARTISTSHOP. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Size Does Not Matter

Perhaps in a lot of ways, size does matter. As with advertising, this general rule applies as well…but not necessarily an accepted norm. For, size readily gives way to location, location and location.

Just like TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s Makati CBD mini billboards, effort cannot even be categorically considered as a billboard under OOH. For how can our mere 6×8’ ad image compete against the smallest 20×40’ tarpaulin at EDSA?

But then again, with our Makati CBD mini billboards are the only allowed OOH advertising in the most-regulated Ayala property of Legaspi and Salcedo Villages. It is but a no-brainer that size cannot matter here! Save for the ad boxes below ground and the minimal number of 20×40” units at the Ayala transit sheds, no advertising allowed above ground except that of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s OOH ad efforts of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (127) units.

That’s why all roads leading to Makati CBD and every thing along it are hotly-contested ad spaces. The bummer is that DPWH is at it again and clamping down on those ad efforts. And, most have a feeling that they are dead serious this time under the leadership of PNoy. So should you not start looking at our Makati CBD mini billboards differently hereon? The options for OOH adverting here in Makati are getting that limited every passing day. But then again, you knew that already.

Pathetic Isn’t It?

After spending so much valued time, money and effort to build up your product and/or brand image, your local partner or franchisee just as easily washes whatever equity gained down the drain. For sure, they don’t know that and have only the purest intent to help the brand for its better sales and profit!

We’re talking about implementation…no other. For, beyond all the budget put and the creative efforts invested on every advertising/marketing campaign, its success boils down to its proper implementation on-premise or activations in the provinces.

What a waste, isn’t it.

Don’t let this happen to your OOH and below-the-line ad efforts…at least in the FOURTEEN (14) provincial Areas TBPI/ARTISTSHOP is in operation at.

The convenience of having to talk to a single Agency is worth the savings in your time, money and useless anxiety in dealing with separate activations group with a guarantee of real-time monitoring and post-audit accountability thru our Local Area Partnership Program.
This way, you can concentrate on your Marketing tasks (your actual job) and meet your targets.
Of course it’s your brand, your choice of what happens with it. Just a gentle reminder from us.