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Tarlac Pasalubong Center

Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau’s dream to have a Pasalubong Center finally happened WEDNESDAY, 08 September, 2010.

With Msgr. F. CINENCE blessing center with guests, partners and friends from government and private sectors, the most-anticipated ceremony was cut short unceremoniously by a downpour which its Chairman LYDIA CO referred to as a “blessing” with her usual air of enthusiasm.

Occasion was graced by Dir. R. TIOTICO of DOT Region 3, Vice Gov. P. PACADA for Gov. V. YAP, Pres. R. TICZON of North Philippines Visitors Bureau, City Administrator Mr. T. DIZON for Mayor A. MANALANG and as per usual, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as a long-time partner and AOR of Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau and Tarlac City Tourism Council, as represented by its President, Mr. T.L. ALCALA’, VP, Marketing, Miss E.V. ANTOLIN and Area 9: TARLAC Local Area Coordinator, C.S. ANTONIO.

As part of launch, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has incorporated the Tarlac Pasalubong program into its TOURISM Truck that goes around Central Luzon on festivals.

So, next time you are in Tarlac or merely passing by, go to Tarlac Pasalubong Center, Luisita Park, for your pasalubongs. And, if looking for ad opportunities to be every time in festivals across the province of Tarlac, call us up and let our TBPI/ARTISTSHOP TOURISM Truck get your ads displayed in every festival!

Bettersleep In Makati Jollijeeps

Sleeping problems as caused by the anxiety because of work is a most common problem of today’s work force. This is most experienced among the young adults with a high concentration found in Makati City as the Philippines’ business capital.
Realizing opportunity to address ever-rising concern by offering a remedy among the thousands of the daily Makati office employees, workers and businessmen, BETTER HERBS, maker of BETTERSLEEP, very recently signed an advertising contract with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, AOR for the Makati Business District Billboards.
Basically a supplement, it induces better sleep and a proper sleep pattern that results to improved work productivity. Thus Makati Livelihood Stalls an easy choice for ad implementation for on-strat BETTERSLEEP’s target market in the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages. Not only that, with Makati as the call center capital as well, the city has virtually become a 24/7 place of work and all that comes with it.
And with the CBD littered with drugstores where to get supplement, BETTERSLEEP was most enthusiastic in launching its campaign here where its market strategically and generally is.
How about you? What are you waiting for? Just like BETTERSLEEP, you can sleep best with better sales and profits via TBPI/ARTISTSHOP OOH Advertising properties here in the Makati CBD.

Fly High With Our Naga Airport Outdoor Advertising

Leaving, arriving or as a well-wisher, your target market can never miss these new Out-Of-Home billboard units TBPI/ARTISTSHOP have recently been approved of building in TWO (2) highly-visible locations here in Naga National Airport.
Too bad approval came in a tad late for this year’s 300th Peñafrancia Festival. However, every year there is a Peñafrancia Festival as special as this 2010 of Bikol’s most-loved Ina.

Also, the beauty of this airport now is that it has become a year-round magnet of tourists beyond the September devotees of the country’s single biggest religious event of Peñafrancia.

Wakeboarding at CWC has completely re-defined the speed of life and lifestyle here together with the establishment of Caramoan as the next Boracay. Of course, the opening of SM City Naga has kept business abuzz and people in and out of this once sleepy airport of the business capital of Bikol.

Each site carries TWO (2) 20×40’ billboards therefore totaling to FOUR (4) units. But you can opt to combine them and have a composite display of 20×85’ dwarfing the rest of the OOH ads!

Land your ads here in Naga National Airport and let your sales and profits take off flight after flight.

Post Your Ads In Legazpi City Wide

Yes, literally and figuratively you can post your ads in the city posts of Legazpi City with the most recent assignment of TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as the Agency On Record for the Project: BEAUTIFICATION Program of the new City Mayor GERALDINE ROSAL for the next SIX (6) years. Program authorizes the development, activation of the SIX (6) types of city posts spread around its main thoroughfares. Management and strict implementation of Good Housekeeping Program: CLEAN CITY POSTS POLICY by TBPI/ARTISTSHOP for its EIGHT HUNDRED, FORTY-THREE (843) posts. Now that’s a lot of posts, isn’t it?
You can have it all or be selective depending on the area where posts are should you need to be specifically on-strat your target market and/or product positioning/equity.

As program AOR, let us help you plot out best how you may implement your advertising effort here in the City of Legazpi as it gears up for its Ibalong Festival come month: OCTOBER. You may also want to kick-off a SIX (6) month campaign to hit the “ber” months up to the summer period for the Mt. Mayon and Cagsawa Ruins visitors and interactive enthusiasts of the Butanding Whale Sharks of Donsol, Sorsogon with Legazpi City as the gateway to all these tourist spots of Bikol.
Post then a high mark in your post advertising as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP opens up these city posts that are for the 1st time being officially opened up for you to take advantage of.

Back-To-Back Bu Arcadia!

In dire need to provide additional advertising space in the Daraga Central Business District, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as the AOR of the 3rd largest state university of the country has been allowed to expand its billboard structure by making use of its back side.

This time, 2nd image is set to hit every incoming foot and pedestrian traffic going into the cluster of public market buildings that represent the “centro” of this municipality gateway to the City of Legazpi 6kms away. Not exactly head-on but with the crawling traffic 24/7, the road becomes basically a parking area for commuter pick-up is designated here at its corner of this Bicol University arcade. LCC Daraga Mall, the local SM of Bikol, being at the adjacent corner adds on to the foot and vehicular traffic.
After sun down, life and business go on here with the late store hours of McDo and Jollibee… and, Mercury Drug being “24 Oras Gising”.

So, if you are one of the many Clients asking for additional sites in this Daraga CBD, this is the opportunity you cannot miss out on.
It’s got every ingredient a prime Out-Of-Home billboard site requires.
We start work very soon. The “ber” months just kicked in! Don’t let your sales and profits be left behind in the fastest-growing CBD in the province of Albay.

Clean As A Whistle!

Well, that’s exactly how most of the MRT is now after the Out-Of-Home streamers were systematically taken out with the rest of EDSA in a serious drive by DPWH to rid the clutter from all the advertising set up to hit the everyday EIGHTY-FIVE THOUSAND plus (85,000+) of vehicular traffic and eyeballs that come and go the various CBDs along its stretch. Right or wrong, the argument rages on.

In the meantime, it is of no wonder the inquiries and reservations for ad placements in the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Makati Business District Billboards are as high as high — comparable as to when this program was launched in 2003!

Indeed these Makati Food Stalls numbering to THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (327) units are Out-Of-Home advertising opportunities in disguise.
For, while those streamers taken out by DPWH were strategically placed to hit incoming or outgoing traffic of daily Makati workers, visitors/guests, businessmen, et al, these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP ad efforts are right where the market being woed work in all day long.
As advertisers , which opportunity then do you prefer? A mere passer by with very short exposure and attention span to your ad? Or, all-day long exposure at where they actually work?

Well, the answer should be as clear as whistle as to your ad location choice. And, it’s no major, major decision at all, right?

New Advertising Battleground in the Makati Foodstalls!

Suddenly, the inside walls of the Makati CBD’s Mobile Food Stalls are the hottest Out-Of-Home advertising medium of this Makati Livelihood Program here in the Philippines’ prime business center.

For, as per established learnings on the day on day patron habit while eating and/or buying at the Makati JOLLIJEEPs as these Makati billboard food stall units are fondly referred to, they are most impactful and on-strat!
First to explore this non-trad effort were the cigarette brands as the Tobacco Law limited their ad exposure to selling areas and indoor. Then, the food industry followed suit.

That ad size not as “big” and exposed vs. external decals for everyone to see, these in-stall,
wall-mounted decals however directly talk to the actual and captive target market of the JOLLIJEEP as they eat, linger on after meal to smoke, have dessert or do some chit-chat before going back to work or go home.

Also, for budget constraint, some advertisers ended up having their ads here inside.

But, in all given cases, none regretted their advertising here instead.

You’ve got to see it to understand what we’re saying. For only when physically here in the Makati JOLLIJEEP will you fully understand its advertising value and mileage that await you.