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For the longest time and for obvious reasons, Havaianas deserves to be in the Naga National Airport as an advertiser.

CWC Wakeboarding and the Caramoan Beach are TWO (2) of the most obvious reasons why Havaianas is an apt advertising partner in this airport of Naga City which serves as the gateway to these most-frequented tourist and sports destinations of Bikol for the past THREE (3) years running. Set at the pre-departure holding area of the Manila outbound passengers, Havaianas have contracted 4×8’ HORIZONTAL long-term this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP LightBox unit. The ONE(1)-hour pre-departure waiting downtime is just perfect for advertising its new range of seasonal thong design. Illuminated, it shines as bright for every passenger to take notice.

Just like Havaianas, isn’t it about time that you and your products or services be all part of the prime advertising opportunity TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has set-up here in the fastest-growing national airport for passenger traffic? Let us help you make your sales and profits soar high here in Naga or in any of the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP contract airports around the country.

The Changing Faces of Makati!

Not so long ago in the 70s, the Makati CBD was a place bustling with people in business suits. Then, the Barong Pilipino conquered its offices and streets in the 80s. The 90s did away with the suits and ties with denims finding its way even to the boardrooms. The 2000 years ushered in smart casual dressing and later the too-casually-dressed office workers trooped in with their shirts, shorts and thongs as call centers sprouted like mushrooms all over the business district.

Latety, the students came marching in with educational institutions of all sorts opening here, there and everywhere.
Altogether, Makati found itself in the midst of chang. Change in the face of the business capital of the country, of transacting business, of working, of eating and all that!

Who’d ever thought of the Makati Mobile Food Stalls then? Yes, those food stalls in the Salcedo and Legaspi Villages we all fondly call as JOLLIJEEP!

So, as an advertiser, if you have yet to fully realize how much things have changed here in Makati, now’s the time for that paradigm shift when it comes to marketing with the new Makati CBD work force. Different strokes for different folks, they say. Think then how best you may maximize the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Mobile Food Stall as a non-trad Out-of-Home advertising opportunity waiting for you in this ever-changing face of Makati.

Public Market Canopy Advertising

Every public market is a prime and much-wanted venue for marketing, promotion and advertising regardless of where it is.

Reason is that it has its fair share of captive market…daily, weekly or monthly.

In the City of Legazpi, the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP tarp awnings are to be replaced by permanent canopy structures to best withstand the challenges of the elements – more so that the city is along the Philippines’ typhoon belt. This being another TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Project: BEAUTIFICATION Program, advertising provisions will likewise be made available for you as a sponsor or advertiser.
Therefore, is your product available in this public market? Or, its market your target?

Check with us how best you can maximize this Legazpi Public Market CANOPY advertising opportunity. Call us up for a detailed discussion. Or, if you opt to see the real thing, allow us to schedule an on-premise ocular by arranging a visit with our Area 1: LEGAZPI Local Area Office at your convenience.

As Legazpi City AOR, let us know how may we be of best help to your ad needs.

Overhead Head On Naga SM Advertising

If you have been to SM City Naga, you would have noted that there are more ways than ONE (1) to get to and from this shopping complex.

Located at the center of the “new” Naga Central Business District, this 1st SM of Bikol can be primarily accessed thru Panganiban Avenue and the Diversion Road + several secondary roads around its FOUR (4) mall sides.

To establish the boundary of the CBD, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has been given a go signal to develop these access points and is to therefore soon to set up overhead signages.

Free-standing, it shall be back-to-back in set-up and head-on incoming vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Of course there shall be advertising provisions every time and shall be FRONT-illuminated to maximize visibility even at night – especially that ONE (1) wing of this SM City Naga complex is bordering the PNR railroad tracks. As in these locations, there shall be TWO (2) sets each side of the railroad track for doubly to serve as a Railroad Crossing signage. You as an advertiser has clearly seen how effectively these overhead signages have tactically worked as an Out-Of-Home medium here in Manila. Surely it will work as hard in Naga City. Now as a locator of SM City Naga, wouldn’t it be nice if this ad medium be lockout out for you and your brands/services?

Araneta Center Billboard Advertising

Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau’s dream to have a Pasalubong Center finally happened WEDNESDAY, 08 September, 2010.
With Msgr. F. CINENCE blessing center with guests, partners and friends from government and private sectors, the most-anticipated ceremony was cut short unceremoniously by a downpour which its Chairman LYDIA CO referred to as a “blessing” with her usual air of enthusiasm.
Occasion was graced by Dir. R. TIOTICO of DOT Region 3, Vice Gov. P. PACADA for Gov. V. YAP, Pres. R. TICZON of North Philippines Visitors Bureau, City Administrator Mr. T. DIZON for Mayor A. MANALANG and as per usual, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, as a long-time partner and AOR of Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau and Tarlac City Tourism Council, as represented by its President, Mr. T.L. ALCALA’, VP, Marketing, Miss E.V. ANTOLIN and Area 9: TARLAC Local Area Coordinator, C.S. ANTONIO.
As part of launch, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has incorporated the Tarlac Pasalubong program into its TOURISM Truck that goes around Central Luzon on festivals.
So, next time you are in Tarlac or merely passing by, go to Tarlac Pasalubong Center, Luisita Park, for your pasalubongs. And, if looking for ad opportunities to be every time in festivals across the province of Tarlac, call us up and let our TBPI/ARTISTSHOP TOURISM Truck get your ads displayed in every festival!