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With Avida soon to start their newest development in Iloilo, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP was tapped as its Out-of-Home advertising partner through its outdoor advertising property: POST ROMAN STREAMER along the access road and leading to and coming from Iloilo International Airport set back-to-back bearing international standard size: 1x3m. These Avida ILOve! ILOve! advertising campaign is to target every departing passenger and its well-wishers. Likewise, if newly arrived, arriving passenger and its well-wisher will be greeted by this series of streamers along the center island of FOUR (4)-lane road. Avida, claiming that “Love will have a new home very soon” is set to bring to Iloilo its renowned “Affordable living at its best” being an AyalaLand company. Citing the significance of these center posts to its marketing strat, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as the Iloilo International Airport Agency On Record for OOH Advertising, has been tasked to help in its advertising thru its Area 6: Local Area Partner and Office in Iloilo. How about you? There’s a long stretch of center posts waiting for your advertising. If you’ve been to this Iloilo International Airport, you’d know the value of these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP posts as Avida does.


As soon as you land in the Iloilo International Airport, this Avida advertising campaign is what will greet every incoming passenger.

For, Avida recently signed up TBPI/ARTISTSHOP as its media provider here in this airport through its OOH property: Aerobridge ad decals.

Set at side walls for all to see once in the airport tarmac, Avida has strategically singled out this medium to kick start its 1st ever development project in Iloilo in time with its 20 years of providing “Affordable living at its best” and in tune with its parent company AyalaLand’s commitment to transform the lives of the working people of Iloilo and the place itself.

As a bonus, these ad decals of Avida is as visible even to departing passengers for these TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Aerobridges OOH property is within sight at the passenger pre-departure holding area. A good FORTY-FIVE (45)-minute minimum wait should be more than enough bonus marketing time, isn’t it?

So, are you supposed to be advertising your product or service here in Iloilo just like Avida? Or, need to promote them to destinations the Iloilo International Airport passenger is headed to?

Then, this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Aerobridges are for you.

Avida Lands In Iloilo With TBPI/Artistshop!

True to their vision and mission of expanding the reach of their businesses to serve a much broader segment of population, Ayala Land has chosen Iloilo as its next development project beyond their 27 projects in 13 locations.

An AyalaLand Company, Avida promises to deliver the 5 pillars of service that ensure “Enhancing Land, Enriching Lives.”
In support of their latest project here in the South, Avida booked TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, a national OOH media provider, for its advertising products and services in the Iloilo International Airport.

As the gateway terminal of the City of Iloilo (and usually for the island of Panay), this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP airport OOH property was singled out by Avida to jumpstart its project of Iloilo in its commitment to transform the lives of the hardworking middle class of Iloilo.
The TBPI/ARTISTSHOP Aerobridge was 1st to be tapped for once ad decals in place its side walls welcome each arriving passenger inbound Iloilo. Likewise, outgoing passengers are as well impacted by these ads.

Then, the TBPI/ARTISTSHOP posts leading to and from the airport terminal of the only access road followed suit for basic reason it announces the arrival of Avida in Iloilo as it builds a “new home” very soon at an affordable living at its best.

How about you? Shouldn’t you be checking out the advertising opportunities TBPI/ARTISTSHOP has to offer here in Iloilo International Airport?

It’s a Red Christmas in Makati!

Yes, Makati CBD is seeing red, red, red this season of Christmas as TBPI/ARTISTSHOP activated the latest Red Mobile new unlitxt combo ad campaign here in the Makati Business District billboards around.

Set at the exterior walls of the Makati City Livelihood Program stalls, these Smart Communications ad decals are spread over the Makati CBD of Salcedo and Legaspi Villages.

As this TBPI/ARTISTSHOP-Smart Communications partnership in support of the City’s Livelihood Program for the Manang and Manong OPERATORS enter into its 8th year, high ad media mileage has been sustained more than ever with the myriad of telco service users in the area since Makati is the business capital of the Philippines.

The setting up of big call centers in the City extended this business opportunity here as a 24/7 place of work + the entry of educational institutions brought in a new dimension of a wider market segment which was then limited to working professionals and shoppers.

So the next time you are in the Makati CBD, don’t be alarmed to be seeing red, red, red! For, just like Smart, you yourself can paint the CBD red with your advertising with TBPI/ARTISTSHOP here!