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Inihaw Is You Want, Inihaw Is You Get!

That seems to be the logical thing Gerry’s Grill is saying to the every arriving airline passenger of he newly-renovated Kalibo International Airport.
TBPI/ARTISTSHOP, the AOR for Kalibo Airport authority, recently activated Out-of-Home advertising campaign for Gerry’s Grill as it announced its opening of its new resto in Station 1 of the Boracay Island – MAKA-INIHAW NA PUSIT!
According to Gerry’s Grill, the merrymakers of this island paradise have for the longest time been asking them to bring to any of its stations its famous inihaw na pusit which is perfect with all the fun, sound and partying around. So after all the delays, all you maka-pusit, pass the word Gerry’s Grill is in Boracay!
And with the other gateway to Bora being renovated, Kalibo International Airport has been given the sole task of breaking this good news around.
Right in the Arrival Baggage claim Area, Gerry’s Grill ad announces its pusit is in Bora.
This could very well be your ad if you have business there. All you need is call us be it inihaw or anyhow, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP can get the message thru for you in this airport.

Advertising In Naga’s Gimmick Strip

Quick, where are Naga’s happenings happening? Surely, it’ll be along the Magsaysay Avenue strip. For here, you have all the fun and gig places you’d ever need that makes Naga City an everyday entertainment center beyond the religious fervor the Peñafrancia Festival brings in once a year.
A quick drive at Magsaysay Avenue lists the who’s who in gimmicks like Starbucks Coffee, Yellowcab, Mocha Blends, Max’s Restaurant, Shakey’s, The Coffee Beanery including locals like Bob Marlin, Villa Caceres and Avenue Square.
Every day, this is where Naga party its nights away!
Right in front of Avenue Square, TBPI/ARTISTSHOP’s newest Naga OOH Billboard is going up. Merely passing by or in Avenue Square for meals, coffee, drinks, convention, affair/event, parlor, spa or are checked in? This billboard site talks to you every time. And as early as now, we are taking in bookings. Be it short- or long-term, it doesn’t really matter for us. What matters most however is that you be 1st to take advantage of this major OOH advertising development here in the City of Naga.


Why not? No, we’re not talking of Manang and Manong OPERATORS now all of a sudden selling condominium units but that’s what exactly their Mobile Food Stalls are being used for advertising.
Just look at the FORTY-SIX (46) units with Kassel Residences decal advertising at its inner wall!
While per se you cannot purchase a unit from the operators, objectively this advertising effort is most on-strat for talking directly and one-on-one with the very Makati work force which is the very CHMI Land, Inc. target market.
Consider the advertising mileage and impact these wall ad decals have to the Jollijeep’s patron every time he/she eats at this Makati Livelihood program food stalls.
This is exactly what we have been saying over the years as the Jollijeep’s Agency On Record that indeed these are food stalls for primary designed as such but its location, being in the business and call center capital of the Philippines, it is as prime as any Out-of-Home advertising effort for your products and services.
So, any non-food advertising anyone? Don’t tell me that until now you have yet to be convinced that these Makati food stalls are indeed OOH billboards in the CBD.



Turn that 45-minute airport waiting time for your departing target market passenger into a golden advertising opportunity via our newly-launched Internet ONLINE Marketing. Stats confirm that almost 50% of flyers carry laptops for business or pleasure — so connected 24/7. So, go online with eARTISTSHOPglobal IOM with your target market, sales and profits!


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Avida Advertising Takes Flight In Iloilo International Airport!

Buena mano! That’s what AyalaLand wanted for its advertising campaign in the sprawling Iloilo International Airport.
For, upon learning that TBPI/ARTISTSHOP shall be activating very soon Out-of-Home advertising efforts indoor – especially in the pre-departure passenger holding area.
Strategic according to AyalaLand for Avida’s ILOve Iloilo advertising campaign is targeting Panay Island residents on its information drive re: its latest expansion project here.
So, if you have been a recent flyer from the Iloilo International Airport, surely you should have seen the LightBox ad campaign of Avida.
For, with a FORTY-FIVE (45)-minute wait as required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for each departing passenger, this downtime is a sure thing when advertising comes.
As Avida advertising takes flight here, why not give us a call for our forthcoming Out-of-Home advertising efforts in Iloilo International Airport. The Iloilo Dinagyan is almost upon us. What are you waiting for? Hala bira, na!